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  • St. Peter Canisius
    Prayers, Quips and Quotes by Saintly People; December 21, St. Peter Canistius
    Feast day of St. Peter CanisiusJesuit PriestPatron saint of the Catholic PressDoctor of the Church(1521-1597)Anyone who wishesto frolic with the devilcannot rejoice with Christ.St. Peter CanisiusSt. Peter Canisius was born in Holland in 1521. He...
  • New look at an old saint
    St. Robert Bellarmine – a new look at an old saint
    St. Robert Bellarmine does not have the pizzazz of some of the saintly favorites. He is no Francis of Assisi, or St. Anthony. His saint story comes with none of the charming antedotes of some of the more popular saints but a careful look at the...
  • Soldier, Mendicant or Rock Star?  Just who is this new Pope?
    The Franciscan Jesuit Pope: Soldier of Christ, Mendicant Friar or "Rock Star"?
    A “rock star Pope” is how the world press is touting Pope Francis after his triumphant visit to Brazil, but just who is this tall man in the white robes, and can he save an ancient and troubled imperial church from decline? Should he...
  • Loyola University Chicago Libraries, Part I
    Loyola University Chicago Libraries, Part I
    Loyola University Chicago (L.U.C.) has libraries on campuses in the Rogers Park and Gold Coast community areas of Chicago, west suburban Maywood, and Rome. The LUC Libraries include two special libraries: a law library and a medical library. The...
  • What do Jesuits believe (part II)?
    What Jesuits believe, part II
    The Jesuits have a rich history; when they began, they named their group “amigos en el Senor,” meaning, “friends in the Lord.” The group started in 1534, when Ignatius of Loyola formed friendships with seven graduate...
  • Society of Jesus
    The Society of Jesus (Photos)
    On the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, Pope Francis said his Inaugural Mass before nearly one million Roman Catholics and people of goodwill from near and far.Figuring prominently on his coat of arms, announced today, is...
  • St. Ignatius
    St Ignatius, patron of Catholic soldiers and retreats to be celebrated
    St. Ignatius of Loyola was born the youngest of 13 children in a family castle in Guipuzcoa, Spain. Until he was 30, he served as a courtier and soldier in Spain. Ignatius was wounded when a cannonball shattered his leg. While in the hospital he...
  • Catholic Conspiracies: OWS.
    Catholic conspiracies, Occupy Wall Street
    Once upon a time, very long ago, a friend of mine discussed how the Catholic Church seems to be the favorite of multi-generational bands of abject nutcases. He then expanded the topic, discussing how many fruit loops were involved, and that was...
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