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  • Study: Kyoto University dogs can detect jerks
    Kyoto University dogs: Experts say canines are good 'jerk' detectors
    According to scientists at Kyoto University, dogs can detect jerks -- the two-legged kind.A team in Japan embarked on a study to determine if man's best friend can spot mean-spirited people. It's known that these highly intelligent...
  • God is Faithful
    He Knows
    He Knows God knows when we suffer. He knows when our feelings have been broken to the point of numbness. After all, He made us and everything else on the planet, and even the whole universe as we know. The...
  • Mitch McConnell stops at nothing to stoke an ego larger than his home state
    Joe’s Hospital and Diner, the diner with the ‘Big Red Cross’.
    The 40th attempt at gutting or eliminating the Affordable Care Act by the Tea Party (Motto: We won’t stop until the Federal Government is smaller than our brains) is not working. Neither is Congress. The 213th Congress is on track to...
  • Mountains
    She is a jerk
    Today, let’s talk about the some signs you should recognize to determine if your lady friend is a jerk.First of all, are you reading this article to find out if she is a jerk? That may be a sign that you already know that she is. As women,...
  • How not to pick a jerk  -  Part 3
    How not to pick a jerk - Part 3
    When speaking of jerks we all have a different perception of what constitutes a jerk. One might think a cheap skate is a jerk while another thinks a cheater is a jerk. Jerks are for the most part self-centered, lack empathy, selfish and have...
  • How not to pick a jerk  -  Part 2
    How not to pick a jerk - Part 2
    Have you ever noticed that jerks have similar personality traits? Yet despite knowing this you keep attracting them. There is a formula that goes into this attraction. Dr. Alfred Adler, a personality theorist who came after Freud, discovered four...
  • How not to pick a jerk  -  Part 1
    How not to pick a jerk - Part 1
    Have you ever ended a relationship and asked yourself, “What was I thinking?” The majority of people are unconscious when it comes to picking a relationship? They tend to attract the exact same characteristics as their previous mate....
  • Athlete Types
    Don’t Be That Jerk at a Triathlon
    You know you’ve seen that one triathlete at the Heritage Park Triathlon, Kansas City Triathlonor Jackson County Triathlonthat’s just way too serious and would rather pass you like you’re standing still on the bike than talk to...
  • Jerk
    Why are jerks so attractive?
    After watching a move called, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, I was inspired to write this article.I think as men, at one time or another we have all thought, "how could she be dating that jerk?" It wasn't up until a year ago that I...
  • No messages?  Did so-and-so disappear on you?
    Vanishing point
    Remember the Sex and the City episode in which the smart and witty yet jerk-writer Burger dumps Carrie via a post-it? It simply read, "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me". Such a breakup act might be considered far-fetched...
  • Relationships, even the potential ones, can die.
    8 Pre-Relationship killers
    In the past year, I’ve gone on good dates, bad dates, first dates, second, third, fourth and fifth dates, and have dated guys for short periods of time, about two months or less. Sometimes, things “kill” our “relationship...
  • We will never truly understand the opposite sex, but we learn things along the way.
    Random things I've learned in the dating world
    Red wine results in the best conversations. Beer? Not so much. Long, liquor-induced nights? Nope. It’s red wine that is the best. Talking. Drinking. Some of the most intelligent conversations I’ve ever had have been accompanied by a...
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