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  • Naturalists efforts to disguise miracles
    Naturalists efforts to disguise miracles
    Some profess to be naturalists, some atheists, some evolutionists, but all fit in the same category simply because they contend that there are scientific laws which govern any and all changes which take place, not only on this earth but throughout...
  • Is Jesus God?
    What does the Bible actually say about Jesus and God?
    This will be short.A while back, a lady in Mesa told me her Bible told her unequivocally that Jesus is God. She showed me John 1:1. I showed her about five scriptures I felt showed Jesus to be God's son, not God. Yet, somehow, in her mind her...
  • You are looking west to the bridge over the Haw River near Bynum, NC
    Apologist 101, who is the Messiah? (Video)
    What evidence do you have to prove to an unbeliever that Jesus Christ is the Messiah? This is a question Christians must have the answer to if you want to have an effective witness to the unbeliever. The unbeliever is usually well versed in his...
  • The walls of old Jerusalem, the capital of Israel
    Why are people still offended by Jesus Christ?
    The book of Matthew is one of the uniquebooks of the New Testament. As one of the Synoptics, the genealogy section alone is full of uniqueness.The 12th chapter of Matthew marks a turning point in the ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ....
  • A US soldier with a young Iraqi girl
    The nations rage and the people conspire against God
    "Why do the nations rage, and the people plot [conspire] a vain thing? ... the rulers take counsel together...saying, 'Let us break Their bonds in pieces...'" Psalm 2:1-3.The moral decline in the United States started with...
  • Holy Trinity
    Making Sense of Catholicism--The Holy Trinity
    A couple of Sundays ago, on the car trip back from my nephew's graduation in Fremont, my wife asked if she could phone in and listen to her Jehovah's Witness Bible service and Watchtower study. Since she waited for me to attend 7:30 Mass...
  • alien(1).jpg
    Religious Tolerance Part 2: There is no religion in nature
    Plants come in all shapes and sizes and grow in all environmentsReligious Tolerance Part 2: There's no religion in nature.This article is the second in a three-part series on nature and religion. Let's talk green. Scientists believe that there are...
  • religionseye(1).jpg
    Religious Tolerance Part 1: There is no religion in nature
    Helix Nebula, often referred to as the Eye of God - NASA and ESAReligious Tolerance Part 1: There is no religion in natureWhile millions of Americans are celebrating the Christian holiday they call Easter, or resurrection day, and Jewish Americans...
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