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  • B. J. Barnes
    Guilford County, North Carolina daily jail report
    As of 7 a.m. on September 20, 2012, the Guilford County Detention Centers housed 895 inmates. This is 90 more than the maximum number of inmates that all of the detention centers are rated for. All of the detention centers together are rated for a...
  • Maynard B Reid, Jr.
    Randolph County, North Carolina daily jail report
    As of 6 a.m. on August 27, 2012, the Randolph County jail housed 207 inmates. This is 11 more than the maximum number of inmates that the jail is rated for. The jail is rated for 196 inmates.The beds for these inmates are divided into male and...
  • Tippecanoe County Courthouse
    Feb 1912, Tippecanoe County part 4
    The Indiana Board of Charities reported on the state of the county jails and poor asylums. The report found that both jails and poor houses had insane people among the populations. The report declared that neither were the proper place for the...
  • American Justice
    A View From Inside a Bronx Courthouse
    The dirty little secret of the American justice system is that its proceedings are mostly conducted in empty courtrooms that become the terrain of the functionaries of this system. I made a minor dent in this wall of silence during my tour of a...
  • 1c85f8ee34a3be319a397ba0758c3b11_3.jpg
    Tennessee jail issues used underwear to inmates
    CLEVELAND, TN. - In the city of Cleveland, the Bradley County Detention Center is known for supplying everything to incoming inmates from toiletries, to clothing, to used underwear? Bob Gault, a spokesman for the Bradley County Sheriff's...
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