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  • Balsamic pork tenderloin
    Recipes: balsamic pork tenderloin
    Even though Italians have been enjoying balsamic vinegar for centuries, it has only come to be appreciated in America over the last 20 years. In fact, it has become all the rage in America, thanks to creative chefs at upscale restaurants.Balsamic...
  • Think Color for the Spring - It's a Good Look
    It's a New Season - Get Some Color
    Technically it’s already Spring, and one day it will get warm again (we can only hope). When that does happen the big puffy coats can be put away and lighter clothing can be pulled out of those deep recesses of closets across the city.If you...
  • Italian style cafe in the comfort of your own home
    Italian style cafe in the comfort of your own home
    Pajamas. Wearing them anywhere with a sweater to keep warm is truly the most freeing experience. Add your cushiest slippers mixed with the quiet early morning rhythm on Montana Avenue, and you have the real comforts of home spanning the length of...
  • Mulberry Street, New York
    Italians in America -- many more arrived after Columbus
    Names such as Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci easily come to mind when anyone is asked to recall an Italian who influenced or contributed to the growth of America. Many others from Italy crossed the Atlantic Ocean, too, but their names...
  • Pizza
    Italy is losing pizza makers: Shortage of pizza in Italy
    Italy has always been famous for their Italian cooks. From pizza to pasta, they make it all over there. However, now they are having a hard time keeping their pizza makers because they don't want to do the job anymore. Why? Because they say...
  • Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms
    An Italian Thanksgiving
    Although Thanksgiving is not a holiday Italians (in Italy) traditionally celebrate, there are many wonderful Italian dishes that would fit perfectly into a holiday menu. Italian Americans have embraced Thanksgiving wholeheartedly and made this...
  • MTV's The Jersey Shore
    Jersey Shore Season 4 premiere set for August 4
    The Summer of 2011 will be getting a little spicier for MTV fan's of the Jersey Shore. Cincinnati'sJersey Shore fans will be happy to hear thatMTV has announced that Season 4 of The Jersey Shore will be making its premier on August 4,2011...
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