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  • Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter
    Mayor Michael Nutter’s Lobbying Efforts Pay Off, Consulate to Remain Open.
    The efforts of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to ensure the Israeli Consulate General office in Philadelphia remained open – including the recent completion of a whirlwind visit to the state, geared toward strengthening Philadelphia...
  • PSY promoting peace
    Israeli soldiers dance with Palestinians to "Gangnam Style," face discipline
    A group of IDF -- Israel Defense Forces -- soldiers are suspended after joining in with "enemy" Palestinian civilians to dance along with PSY's international mega-hit "Gangnam Style."Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that...
  • Official post for 'Inch Allah'
    Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette' 'Inch Allah' has a powerful trailer and poster
    After watching many documentaries on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I still don't understand the complete situation, let alone how to solve it fairly for both sides."Inch Allah" is a feature film that shows the intricacies of the...
  • 'Out in the Dark':  A gay love story between an Israeli and a Palestinian
    'Out in the Dark': A gay love story between an Israeli and a Palestinian
    Director Michael Mayer is exploring love, homosexuality and Israeli police corruption in his first feature-length film "Out in the Dark". The film is about two men from two of the most opposed countries in the world who have a romantic...
  • gaza
    Jurisprudence, Gaza-style
    Guilty by accusation...The latest war between Israel and Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip has degraded to vigilante justice in the streets of Gaza City, proper.As reported by the New York Post, four armed gunmen wearing masks pulled six people...
  • Israeli Tank
    What everyone should know about the Gaza conflict, but does not
    Like most conflicts in the Middle East, the current battle in Gaza is being extensively covered by the media, but poorly understood by much of the public. Two competing narratives are emerging from the Gaza conflict. One narrative says that Israel...
  • Gaza
    Israeli court clears Military in Rachel Corrie’s death
    On Tuesday, August 28, 2012, an Israeli court ruled that its military was not liable in any way for the 2003 death of peace activist Rachel Corrie. This verdict is in response to a long standing lawsuit by Corrie’s family. This Washington...
  • the man--Jesus
    More about the Jews and the last days--Part II
    Part II – Jews turning unto Christ.Here is a little more light shed upon the subject of the “greater things” that, according to the below verse in Book of Mormon (BOM). was to come “from the Gentiles” to the Jews and...
  • Jesus and the Twelve
    LDS Conference--prophets of Isreal in question
    The LDS just finished another General Conference. Apostle D. Todd Christoffersonaddressed the members saying that only the prophet of God, has authority to speak in behalf of the church. He, and his eleven other apostle associates do ‘speak...
  • Abraham and Sarah
    Mansion World Teachers to today's world
    This Examiner has had the privilege this past 20 years to be a part of the Urantia Book’s education and dissemination. The highlight of this experience has included the instructions received from some most wonderful friends of history&mdash...
  • President Obama and Russian President Medvedev
    Obama has another “Joe the plumber moment"
    During the 2008 campaign, then candidate Barack Obama was walking through an Ohio neighborhood spreading his “hope and change” when he struck up a conversation with Joe Wurzelbacher; AKA “Joe the plumber.”It was during this...
  • In the name of God, we are militant
    Christians against Mormons and Muslims, but embracing Israel/Jews?
    As per the recent resurging saga regarding Mitt Romney not being a true Christian because he is Mormon, one would have to wonder why so many of those same so-called Christians are so anti-Mormon while overwhelmingly embracing Israel.The US isthe...
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