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  • Former U.S. Vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), and Donald Trump walk towards a limo
    Donald Trump promotes Sarah Palin as cabinet secretary
    Donald Trump, the businessman and media personality, continues to defy gravity by remaining at the top of the Republican polls, despite various missteps and revelations that would have sunk a lesser candidate. According to a Tuesday story in the...
  • Bohemian Style
    3 Secrets About Bohemian Style Interior Designing Revealed!
    The word Bohemian depicts the life which was led by the wanderers during 1800's. As they were forced to follow certain laws and as they were non-conformists, they lived in Central Europe and spent life in unconventional ways.People love to...
  • Phenomenal Living Room Transformation Ideas Given By A Specialist!
    Phenomenal Living Room Transformation Ideas Given By A Specialist!
    Living room of your house is the space that is used the most by the family members. Hence, it becomes necessary to give a life to an old, drab, monotonous living room. Home décor can get really boring for some people as it takes up a lot of spare...
    Champagne design on a beer budget– for your home
    Now that the guests are gone, and your house (and hopefully your nerves) have returned to post-holiday calm, you might find yourself taking a look around and making some mental notes on how to give your space a makeover for the new year. (Or, if a...
  • Checking it twice
    Checking it twice
    While ramping up for the big guy's visit this year, how about a wish list for the project in the garage? Maybe you're beyond the restoration point but, let's face it, the project is never done.
  • DOI has a busy week
    Dept of Interior week: New energy, fishing week and healthier food
    Today, June 7, the Department of Interior released a new video announcing important activities of the week. Greenies and outdoor lovers will appreciate this weeks news. Secretary Jewell kicks off National Fishing and Boating Week, with the help of...
  • Disinfecting
    Ford set to fight germs and microbes in new car interiors
    Ford engineers have teamed up with the University of Michigan led by microbial ecologist Dr. Blaise Boles to evaluate the growth of concentration of germs and microbes in your vehicle. Did you know that Americans spend in the range of $2.3...
  • Heat your home Eco-consciously
    Heat your home Eco-consciously
    The best way to start Fall and gradually head into winter is to green your home.Here are some tips on greening your heating and preparing for the months ahead. Are you ready for the colder weather? Is your home? Take look at the video on how to...
  • Fall Home Decor:  An Inspiring Color Palette
    Fall Home Decor: An Inspiring Color Palette
    When we think of Fall, instantly the colors of muted oranges, browns and dark greens come to mind. Fall colors are striking, symbolic and ingrained in our mind's eye. This seasonal change also brings adjustments to our daily routines, changes...
  • Brooke Shields at home
    Brooke Shields at home
    From child star to wonderfully talented adult, a visit to Brooke's home is timely...especially since she was a guest host on The Talk today. We loved her on the daytime talk show and look forward to seeing her on television and in the movies...
  • It's All About Pillows
    It's All About Pillows
    Pillows are the most understated inventions of the interior design world! One of the key secrets of designers and those with a creative bent is knowing how to use pillows in their decor. The use of pillows is one of the easiest and simplest...
  • United and their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    United shows off their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    It's one of the most talked about aircraft in recent memory, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.United Airlines this week unveiled its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which will revolutionize the flying experience for United customers and crews while...
  • Subscribe to INSTUDIO Interior Design Services
    Subscribe to INSTUDIO Interior Design Services
    INSTUDIO now offers Subscription Design Support Services. RESTYLE, ACCESS & IDEAS are three fixed fee design support options that have been developed and proven effective for clients with an interest in participating in the design process...
  • Typography
    Typography looks great in your home
    Typography is the word that is used to describe the shape and style of letters. Today typography in the home and on fashion is HOT! Lettering has appeared on everything from area rugs to upholstery fabrics, accent pillows, paper, stencils and art....
  • VA To host major veteran career fair in Washington, DC
    VA To host major veteran career fair in Washington, DC
    On January 17, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that it will host a major veteran-focused career fair and exposition with thousands of public and private-sector on-the-spot hiring opportunities for veterans on Wednesday, January...
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