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  • Radio legend Don Imus to broadcast 24th Annual Imus Radiothon
    Radio legend Don Imus to broadcast 24th Annual Imus Radiothon
    WABC, New York-based Don Imus will broadcast the 24th annual “Imus Radiothon for the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer” next Tuesday and Wednesday, May 14 and 15.The radiothon will also be broadcast to Imus show affiliates and be...
  • Charlie Rangeling
    Rangel’s liberal stupidity enabled by Belling’s conservative blindness
    While the stupidity displayed on the Imus radio show of corrupt liberal politician Charlie Rangel (See previous article Rangel’s Ignorance) is disconcerting, that of conservative radio talk show host Mark Belling requires note. On the very...
  • Imus trash talks kids charity video
    Imus trash talks kids charity video
    Imus in the morning strikes again, this time caught on the air trash talking a kids charity, his latest outburst forced the radio host to issue and apology to the non profit group Kars4Kids. News of Imus sarcastically saying he should donate a...
  • Juan Williams
    In realization of the American narrative
    August 27, 2010. The recent firing of Juan Williams from NPR is one more signal of the need for the American public to revisit the American narrative. The multitude of firings from Imus to Williams can be understood in silos, but one attribute...
  • suleman
    Don't print news, just rumors
    If what I'm hearing around town is true, the Bay Area's longtime best radio station is about to be flushed down the tubes. It's hard to believe that an outsider like Citadel owner Farid Suleman could be dumb enough to scrap the local...