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  • Shaving
    How to prevent post-shave itching
    Many people experience itching immediately after shaving. This itching is most often the result of millions of microscopic abrasions on the surface of the epidermis, or outermost layer of the skin. These micro-abrasions will often heal within a...
  • B*tching about the Multiple Sclerosis itching
    B*tching about the Multiple Sclerosis itching
    It can be one of the most irritating, most painful and most persistent parts of having Multiple Sclerosis—the itching.And yet, the information about itching as a symptom of MS is hard to find. In fact, a lot of information says that it is a...
  • A serious skin rash
    Chronic itch is relieved by a new topical agent
    Chronic itching can be a very troubling problem. The National Institutes of Health writes that itch, or pruritus, is the primary symptom which is associated with acute and chronic cutaneous disease and in some cases, may be debilitating. No single...
  • Eczema and Me
    Don't worry mom it's only Eczema
    A child diagnosed with eczema and dermatitis can be a parents worst nightmare. There are sleepless nights, limited activities, and the possibility in a change of diet. Recognizing dermatitis in its early stage is vital. It may seem uncontrollable...
  • Dog Bathing
    Oatmeal baths for itchy dogs
    Seeing a dog scratch usually isn't a call for concern because it's a normal behavior for them. Many things can make your dog itch. It could be anything from a simple flea to a skin disease. If your dog is healthy and doesn't show any...
  • Itchy Dog
    Fleas, ticks, and the health hazards
    Living in the deep south we are no great strangers to fleas and ticks. There are well over two thousand kinds of fleas... but it only takes one kind needed to cause health issues and annoyances for your family and your dog. Fleas and ticks can...
  • Allergic Dermatitis
    Itchy Pets.....Cranky Owners!
    Itching, scratching, licking..... oh my! Many of us have dogs and cats that experience the familiar discomfort and inconvenience of seasonal allergies. So let's ask (and answer) the question Why?Our Environment:We live in a dry, dusty hot...
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