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  • Pro-Israeli rally in Israel with flags and supporters Gaza
    Israel vs. Hamas, the world chooses sides, the oblivious choose Hamas
    As in any dispute, the world is torn regarding the tragic situation in Gaza. In this age of advanced technology events play out in real time. Passionate opinions concerning these matters are formed and expressed with equal speed and efficiency....
  • Anti Israel Palestinian Rally
    Genocide In Gaza
    The world watches while the people of Gaza are bombed, tortured, maimed and killed. The justification for this are the "fire-crackers" (by comparison) fired by Hamas into Israeli which justifies retaliation by the Israeli MWDs. Professor...
  • A Palestinian teen has been murdered in a suspected revenge attack
    A Palestinian teen has been murdered in a suspected revenge attack
    There has been a new cycle of violence erupting between Palestinians and Israelis. Recently a Palestinian teen was abducted and killed in a suspected revenge attack reported Ma'an News Agency on July 3, 2014. Israeli army radio has reported a...
  • Torn Blood Reviewed By Norm Goldman of
    Torn Blood Reviewed By Norm Goldman of
    Author: David J. BainPublisher: Boiti PressISBN: 978-0-9881710-0-8To rapidly hook his readers and provide an up front story question, David J. Bain in his debut novel, Torn Blood quickly outlines in the Prologue a background that will give us...
  • Norwegian Jade
    Politics rears its ugly head, NCL refuses to buckle
    By Bob & Sandy NesoffMembers: North American Travel Journalists Association American Society of Journalists and AuthorsOur first cruise was nearly 40 years go on a ship that was state-of-the-art at the time, Norwegian Caribbean Lines Starward....