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  • Lamassu at Nimrud
    ISIS destroys ancient city in Iraq, actions called 'war crime'
    Having already burnt down Mosul’s library and ransacked its museum, the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State, or ISIS, has taken to obliterating large historical sites entirely. On March 5, Iraq’s Ministry of Culture...
  • During the White House Summit to address "Radicalism."
    The Islamic State Terrorist franchise becomes official in Southeast Asia
    Washington, DC—Islamic State (IS) has come a long way from their start in the Syrian Civil war and thanks to the departure of the US forces from Iraq. ISIL (their initial name) attempted to remove President Bashar al-Assad in Syria along...
  • Decade-old plan by IS helped by the Obama administration
    Decade-old plan by IS helped by the Obama administration
    Raymond Ibrahim of FrontPageMag reported on Friday that an al-Qaeda insider foretold in detail and with an accurate timeline the birth of the Islamic State (IS) and the caliphate nearly a decade ago and today, IS' strength is the result of...
  • Open letter to IS
    Muslim leaders send open letter to IS to denounce their version of Jihad
    Yesterday it was announced that more than 120 Muslim scholars and leaders from all over the world have come together to write an open letter to the Islamic State, aka IS about their militant extremist interpretation of Islam and Jihad. (IS stands...
  • Al Franken
    Al Franken demands tougher stance on Islamic State after another Minnesotan recr
    Today Senator Al Franken issued a press release regarding a letter he sent to Eric Holder and the Department of Justice.In this letter, Franken urges Holder and President Obama to swiftly develop a more concerted effort to fight the Islamic State,...
  • Peter Theo Curtis freed from Islamic State
    Captive journalist Peter Theo Curtis freed from Islamic State
    Peter Theo Curtis, 45, (an American journalist who often writes under the name Theo Padnos,) has been released from al-Nusra militant captors in Syria. The al-Nusra Front is a militant Syrian rebel group with ties to al-Qaeda. Curtis was released...
  • Journalist James Foley reportedly killed in Iraq
    ISIS releases video of beheading of American journalist
    According to Newsweek "A video released Tuesday by militant Islamic extremist group ISIS depicts the violent execution of a man alleged to be missing American journalist James Foley, who was kidnapped in Syria last year. Foley, 39, was taken...
  • Lexus IS
    2014 Lexus IS: Better performance and style
    Lexus has given the IS sedan a bit of a refresh for the 2014 model year, with changes including a spindle grille on the exterior and a more spacious interior.On the outside, the IS has a sinewy shape that has not been hindered by the three-inch...
  • lexus
    First look: 2014 Lexus IS sedan
    For automakers in the sport sedan market, competition is fierce. You've got to be good-looking, powerful, fast and you better not consume too much fuel.Lexus is rolling out the new version of its IS sedan, which it hopes will check all of the...
  • Lexus IS350 convertible
    Lexus IS350 C: A comfortable year-round convertible
    Lexus' IS 350 C convertible occupies the near-luxury convertible segment, and competes with established contenders such as the Audi A5, BMW 3-series, Infiniti G37 and Volvo's C70. Hardtop convertibles have become the standard in this...
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