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  • Active and Present Dads of the 9 and 10 year old P.A.L Roosevelt Riders
    Roosevelt Football Dads – The importance of dad’s involvement
    Roosevelt, N.Y. – Roosevelt dads are active and involved despite societal expectations and norms. It is said that actions speak louder than words. Yet, words create the atmosphere for actions to take place. Loving words create a loving...
  • Helping your child through life’s struggles
    Helping your child through life’s struggles is a wonderful site offering lots of helpful suggestions that allow parents and caregivers to better understand how to successfully raise a child in today’s environment. One of the articles that they have shared is entitled,...
  • Intimate Involvement
    Intimate Involvement is the Main Course
    Relationships, relationships, relationships, it’s all about coming to terms with our salivated gluttony induced relationships. The undeniable fact that we are ravenously gluttonous in our pursuit of sexual gratification, romantic adoration,...
  • Us and them
    Mighty Micro Churches bring healing
    Is your church or community center ready to prepare people and room to reach out to this special needs population; to special needs families and caregivers of this population and to the group and host homes that are in your area and part of our...
  • Special Education Classroom.
    Up to date report on Special Education in Ontario
    It is not until something we care about is under attack that we realize how much it is cherished.During the 2007 Ontario provincial election, the current government made the mistake of proposing that funding be extended to faith-based schools....
  • The Boys
    4 Ways to Keep Things Fun and Keep HIM Happy
    Blog written by David Brashear, a 22 year old recent grad. Nowadays you see relationship advice in the form of “how to” type of lists. This is nothing more than another one of those lists – except this is coming straight from the...
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