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  • "The Last Dance" 04032015
    NBC 'The Last Dance' Heather loses enormous weight & is strangled to death
    “Dateline” (NBC) can be seen on Friday evenings at 9/8 p.m. Last night's second 2 hour episode on April 3, 2015 was called, “The Last Dance.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 5.23 million TV viewers overall. It...
  • Brother, can you spare a dime?
    Book Review - 'Brother, can you spare a dime?' by Ken Dalton
    Ken Dalton has created a sub-genre of fiction all his own—the comedic mystery. Murder isn't supposed to be funny, but somehow he makes it so. Not the act of killing per se, but more like the personalities of his two investigators,...
  • Katelyn Markham's missing engagement ring
    Murdered bride-to-be Katelyn Markham case heats up
    News out of Franklin County, Indianavia Indiana State Police this week, as remains of Fairfield, Ohio's previously missing 21-year oldKatelyn Markham were examined, her death now officially being ruled a homicide. Fox19 reported the skeletal...
  • Man arraigned on new charges in Country Club auto burglaries
    Man arraigned on new charges in Country Club auto burglaries
    A Jackson man was arraigned Tuesday morning on additional charges in connection with the Country Club auto burglaries that occurred between July 19 and July 20.Tremaine Quantel Jones, 31, was charged last week with one count of burglary of an auto...
  • Pioneer Memorial Cemetery to Host VIP for a Ghost Hunt Bootcamp.
    Join VIP at Pioneer Memorial Cemetery for Ghost Hunt Bootcamp!
    Attention ghost enthusiasts and history geeks: The San Fernando Valley Historical Society is partnering with Valley Investigators of the Paranormal (AKA VIP) to offer a Ghost Hunting Bootcamp on June 15, 2013at the Pioneer Memorial Cemetery in...
  • Law enforcement conduct sex offender compliance and warrant check operation
    Law enforcement conduct sex offender compliance and warrant check operation
    A successful sex offender compliance and warrant check was conducted on Thursday, according to a Friday afternoon news release from the Jackson Police Department.The release said investigators and officers from the Jackson Police Department's...
  • Boston Marathon suspect.
    Boston Marathon: Investigators seek answers about a post-attack phone call
    According to a May 2 report from ABC News, officials who are investigating the Boston Marathon bombings want answers to some questions about a phone call one of the suspects made in the days following the attacks. There is only one person knows...
  • Boston Marathon bombing investigators
    Boston Marathon: Investigators search landfill for suspect's laptop
    Investigators have been turning over every stone they come across trying to learn more about the Boston Marathon bombings, and the men who are believed to be responsible for them. According to an article published on April 26 by ABC News,...
  • Valley Investigators of the Paranormal Logo
    Ghost Hunting is Alive and Well in L.A.
    Ghosts, apparitions, or ghouls; call them what one may, there are different names for them.They all refer to the same type of entity, the spirit of one who has passed away. The question that many people have is whether or not they actually exist....
  • US Paranormal Researchers
    Parapsychology Vs. Ghost Hunting
    Psi field researchers are making themselves more available to the publicwith information on how to properly study paranormal phenomenaHarpers Ferry, WV – A small gathering of parapsychologists wants to ask you question, “If your house...
  • Celebrity Paranormal Project
    Paranormal television ruined by success
    There are no shortages of Paranormal shows on television today. Whether you are a fan of Sci-fi's Ghost Hunters, Travel channel's Ghost Adventurers, or Discovery channels Ghost Lab, you will find plenty to keep you glued to your television...
  • Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters
    Ghost Hunters upcoming appearances
    If you are a fan of the popular Scifi Channels Ghost Hunters and would like to attend any of their two remaining events for the year 2010, check out these details for information on how:November 28th, 2010The cast of Ghost Hunters and Ghost...
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