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  • "Brothel buster investigator"
    Sydney man paid to have sex with prostitutes
    There are some jobs that make you question their legitimacy, and "brothel buster investigator" is one of them. Are you wondering if there is an actual investigator of brothels? So were we. The Sydney Morning Herald set it straight on...
  • Missing Federal investigator Sandra Coke
    Federal investigator murder: Sandra Coke-Randy Alana
    New York Daily News is reporting today that a man who is a person of interest in the disappearance and murder of an Oakland federal investigator told police that he planned to marry the woman.Police say, Randy Alana and Sandra Coke were in love...
  • Lifetime: "When Husbands Cheat" starring Patricia Kalember
    'When Husbands Cheat' movie inspired by true story
    "When Husbands Cheat" is a movie based on a true story according to the production notes. It first aired on Lifetime in February 1998. The Movies Based On True Stories Archives writes: "The producers say it is a "fictionalized...
  • Chad Morin of Ghost Hunt Weekends
    Ghost Hunt Weekends offers the public a chance to investigate
    Experienced paranormal researchers and paranormal TV celebrities are being joined together with the general public on weekends for a look into the twilight zone of the paranormal--all courtesy of Ghost Hunt Weekends.GHW is the brainchild of Chad...
  • What to expect when hiring a paranormal investigator
    What to expect when hiring a paranormal investigator
    Several Bangor area individuals have witnessed paranormal activity in their homes. After the unnatural activities continue for quite a few days or months, the person may decide to call on a paranormal investigator to check out the problem and see...
  • Amy Bruni and Ashley Troub
    ‘Ghost Hunters’ Amy Bruni shows off baby bump on air
    Paranormal investigator Amy Bruni announced her pregnancy last spring on “Ghost Hunters”, but her baby bump was seen for the first time during the “Don’t Feed the Apparitions” episode on Sept. 26. Until now, filming...
  • Grant Wilson chooses sleep over ‘Ghost Hunters’
    Grant Wilson chooses sleep over ‘Ghost Hunters’
    Grant Wilson put in untold hours as lead investigator on SyFy’s paranormal reality show “Ghost Hunters” for the past 8 years. During that time, sleep became a luxury that wasn’t always immediately available, at least that...
  • 1870 Metro Nashville Police
    The basic elements for working in law enforcement
    People interested in the criminal justice field have told me, “I should be a private investigator because I’m nosy,” or, “I should be a cop because I want to put all those (insert degrading euphemism) in jail.” The...
  • Candle suspect for Madar Street fire
    Candle suspect for Madar Street fire
    Local Mobile fire rescue fighters are alerted by 911 dispatchers of a house fire at 1270 St. Madar Street on Tuesday 2/22/2011 around 12:30am. When Fire units pulled up to the scene heavy smoke and fire could be seen coming from the residence....
  • Fire at Cedar Bend Court
    Fire at Cedar Bend Court
    Mobile fire department emergency units engine 22, engine 19, engine 29 rescue 22 truck 5 and district 3 chief were dispatched to 6533 Cedar Bend Court. The fire call came in around 2:05pm on January Thursday the 13th 2011.When the first arriving...
  • Helping educate the future of New Mexico
    Win big with a job at the New Mexico Lottery
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Since 1996, more than 60,000 New Mexican students have been able to attend public colleges, universities and technical colleges through the help of the Legislative Lottery Scholarships. Part of every dollar spent on Lottery...
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