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  • 5 tips for intimate wedding reception
    5 tips for intimate wedding reception
    Some might call your decision to have an intimate wedding reception a cop out instead of having a grand lavish party, but gathering family and friends around the table to eat great food, drink fantastic wine and enjoy each others' company is...
  • More than acquaintances but not quite friends
    More than acquaintances but not quite friends
    Two people have known of each other for years; travelled in some of the same circles and have invited each other to different events. They know each other’s friends and even spent an hour or two together at social events, but they’ve...
  • Couple
    How to keep the spark alive in a relationship
    At the start of a relationship, there is an undeniable spark between both parties. They feed off each others positive energy. The couple is always smiling, always laughing, always together. As time goes on, the spark begins to fade. Both partners...
  • Love and Friendship
    Love and Friendship
    You’ve been friends for years and one day something changed and you begin to see your friend in a way that you never have before. You decide not to say anything because you don’t want to ruin the friendship but you’d give...
  • Lord's Supper
    Cumberland Presbyterians to celebrate this Sunday
    It is something that you should not do lightly, but it is something that you should do and frequently.That may mean once a week for some, once a month for others, or even once each quarter for yet others.What is it?Partake of the Lord’s...
  • The Raindancer Steak House
    West Palm Beach's Raindancer Steak House offers monthly specials (slide show)
    If you enjoy going to The Raindancer Steak House in West Palm Beach, thenyour life just got a little better. The Raindancer now offers monthly specials. This monthwith each entree you receive one free appetizer.Since 1975 The Raindancer hashad...
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