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  • Morning-after pill.
    Morning-after pill now available for girls as young as 15
    The Food and Drug Administration has lowered the legal age required to purchase the morning-after pill, according to an April 30 report by The New York Times.Effective immediately, the “Plan B One-Step” morning-after pill, which is...
  • Penis size
    Penis size does matter
    According to a study published in The Journal of Medicine, when it comes to some women penis size does matter. The study found that women who have frequent vaginal orgasms climax easier when men have larger penises.Barry Komisaruk from Rutgers...
  • Römischi Darstellig vo Cunnilingus
    Freethinkers examine pornography
    The American Humanist Association(AHA) is a national freethought agency located in Washington, D.C.The Humanist Association of Tulsa is a chapter member of that organization.Recently, the AHA published two articles online at American...
  • The hot topic of sex
    Teens are being more careful about sex
    Primarily due to religious and public health considerations there has been a raging controversy about teen sex for generations. All the worlds major religions it appears teach people to be cautious and considerate about sexual issues. In fact...
  • Healthy sex
    'Was it good for you?'
    Sexual satisfaction is directly related to the reasons people have sex. Psychology professor Cindy Meston and graduate students Kyle Stephenson and Tierney Ahrold recently confirmed this theory. Their recent paper in the Archives of Sexual...
  • resized_Alex_Wong_Getty_Images_4.jpg
    Intercourse: types of sex
    In the article “Toledo's sex ed policy...” it was revealed that many glass city residents weren't taught the “how to's” of sex education, but were left to either learn from peers or from trial and error. However...
  • resized_Alex_Wond_Getty_Images.jpg
    Intercourse: sex in the glass city
    In the article “Intercourse: defining sex,” several official sources were reviewed in order to develop an accurate understanding of just what the word sex, when used as a verb, involves. Common details included “genital contact...
  • A teacher assists one of his students.
    What Toledo's sex ed curriculum should include - part 2
    This is the second article in a series created to fully explain the components of complete sexuality education; a method of sex ed delivery based on the premise that the majority of human beings are naturally sexual and will engage in some form of...
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