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  • Infrared Photography
    Infrared Photography
    Recently I replaced my Olympus E-PL1 camera with a newer model. I decided to have the older model converted to an infrared model using services provided by Life Pixellocated in Mukileto, WA. The process consists of replacement of the infrared...
  • XtremePower USA Infrared Heater
    Here's Lookin' Atchoo!
    Cough, sniffle, sneeze! Is it a cold? Or maybe the flu?? Before you jump to a conclusion, let's do some exploring first. Do you have a furnace? If so when is the last time you cleaned your furnace filter? Dirt and dust might be blowing through...
  • LightStim Blogger Review (Before/After Pictures After Six Weeks) Part 2 of 4
    LightStim Blogger Review (Before/After Pictures After Six Weeks) Part 2 of 4
    It's always a good idea to develop a lifelong relationship with a gadget that works: let's face it, they're portable and in most cases, highly effective.I recently told you that I was one of a few bloggers selected to review a...
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    U.S. military increases demand for infrared camera systems
    Despite federal spending cutbacks, Rice Camera Technologies, a leading provider of military camera systems, announced on Monday that it continues to see strong increase in demand from the U.S. military.“While the U.S. government is reducing...
  • Inspecting Lamborghini with thermal vision FLIR
    Inspecting Lamborghini with thermal vision FLIR
    One of the coolest technologies of our time is thermal imaging. Inspecting a Lamborghini Murcielago with a FLIR device, we get to see all the hot and warm spots of the vehicle. FLIR stands for forward looking infrared. Brakes, wheels, body panels,...
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