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  • Rodney Stanberry
    Did Rodney K. Stanberry shoot best friend’s wife?
    Valerie Finley was shot in the head when robbers broke into her house in 1992. Police believe the criminals committed this brutal crime in order to steal the gun collection that belonged to Valerie’s husband.Fortunately, Valeria survived....
  • Prison
    Juvenile rape victim incarcerated until her trial
    A 17-year-old girl who is an alleged rape victim is being held in juvenile detention until her rapist's trial. The unidentified girl failed to appear at a preliminary hearing for the alleged rapist, Frank William Rackley. She also failed to...
  • My incarcerated boyfriend thinks I am cheating
    My incarcerated boyfriend thinks I am cheating
    Dear, CiniOkay… My boyfriend is in jail. Yeah... I know what you’re thinking already but that’s beside the point. I love him more than life itself. Well, lately he has been saying that I’m cheating on him. But I’m...
  • Hilderbrand Pelzer III
    The American Dream kept alive by educating incarcerated Philadelphia youth
    A life-long resident of Philadelphia and current resident in the Mt. Airy section of the city, Mr. Hilderbrand Pelzer III has a unique passion for the youth of Philadelphia. Mr Pelzer is an award-winning educator. He served the youth as a teacher,...
  • The rarity of prisoners' online
    The rarity of prisoners' online
    The majority of correctional facilities throughout the United States prohibits inmates from access to the internet which includes real-time online education. This is due to security issues and the concern that offenders would have the capability...
  • Lifeline Link
    Lifeline Link helps keep incarcerated connected with family: Poetic news spin
    Today’s Poetic News Spin is about a story submitted to me by Janice Graves, a local Hampton Roads poet who I first met at the Poetry, Prose, and Pizza Open Mic in October 2010. Her church, Norfolk United Methodist Church, sponsors a program...