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  • Bulldog licking face with blue backdrop
    Why enzymes matter to your pet's health
    Enzymes are the building blocks of life. The functions of enzymes are the same in humans as in animals. These little proteins control essential chemical reactions inside our pets’ (and our) bodies, such as building bones, developing red...
  • Preppers need to nurture their immune systems
    Preppers need to nurture their immune systems
    Strong immune systems work help protect human bodies from infections and disease. During and immediately after a potential, future disaster, however, conditions might be bad enough so that the proper care of preppers’ immune systems might...
  • Napping
    Napping as the countermeasure to health issues caused by sleep debt
    While many people have long held the belief that a nap is the best natural cure to sleep debt, now scientific research is starting to back the idea up with evidence of the positive effects of napping. On Feb. 10, 2015, in a study published in The...
  • Blue elderberries in Sacramento
    Foraging for immune-boosting elderberries in Sacramento
    The old saying holds true that ‘Everything old is new again,’ as health-conscious people in the Sacramento area head out to forage for ripe elderberries before the fall and winter ailments strike. Though it is later in the harvest...
  • Cold or flu what to do
    Cold or flu what to do
    Cold and flu season is here. The achiness, headaches, coughing, stuffy noses and sheer lack of energy consume most people during this time of year. So they go to the doctor, get an antibiotic that will take at least a week to work and maybe take a...
  • Mini Breakfast with spiced honey butter
    The bee's knees
    Honey is a great cornerstone with incredible uses; it’s amazingly versatile & a great natural sweetener, with a variety of different flavors & areas.Eating localized honey has also been a widely used homeopathically for immunotherapy...
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