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  • Fixing America - theft destroys America
    Fixing America - theft destroys America
    What could possibly be the worst theft of all time? Could it be the theft of native lands by colonizing powers? Could it be the semi-legal theft of personal finances by shady banking practices? Could it be stealing excessive portions by the very...
  • Jeryl Wright
    The Demoralization of America: Customers step over dead man in store's doorway
    All of us like to believe that if we were in danger or injured someone would help us, right? However, a convenience store's surveillance video reveals how coldhearted and callous people can be.31-year-old Jheryl Wright wasshot in September of...
  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian’s sex tape plays a role in her new ‘morally unacceptable’ label
    Kim Kardashian knows how to provoke people, as she was recently booed while making an appearance in Bahrain. And she has been slammed for wearing less than appropriate clothes for meetings with various political leaders. And the labeling doesn...
  • Our nation has become morally bankrupt
    How to raise godly children in a morally bankrupt world
    In the article titled Media violence is having a devastating impact on our youth; we saw how the media influences our youth. It's hard in this day and age to raise godly children in a world full of corruption. There are many factors, from...
  • Lots and lots of food
    Too poor to live
    If youdon’t have the money, then you are “too poor to live”,you must die. In a world where money and profit rule, if you do not have money, the result is that you must die, and you will be left to die. The money will be found to...
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