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  • Spark Night
    Ignite the night and spark something in your life
    Over the past 11 weeks, Pastor John Brogdon has been teaching on God Unknown, a Refreshing of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the least known member of the Trinity, but He should be the most well-known. After all, the Holy Spirit is with us to...
  • 'Ignite' by Sara B. Larson: The second book in the 'Defy' series
    'Ignite' by Sara B. Larson: The second book in the 'Defy' series
    "Ignite" by Sara B. Larson continues the story of Alex, or Alexa, who grew up in a world where women were only good for having babies and men were only good for fighting for Antion, their country. She learned to disguise herself as a boy...
  • Dating Game
    The dAtInG Game
    Our parents and friends have told us to leave a little mystery and play the dating game when getting to know someone new, but how do we get to truly ignite a spark with someone by holding back and making calculated moves?Carrie Bradshaw once wrote...
    IGNITE Serves Up Fantastic Pizza and Ambiance in Carlsbad, CA
    Carlsbad, CA is hot on the set with an incredible ‘go to’ gathering spot for food, sports and socializing.IGNITE is cooking up some of the best pizza around Southern California. They make their own mozzarella adding to the fantastic...
  • Ignite Detroit 2 Winning Presenter
    Ignite Detroit 2
    The much anticipated Ignite Detroit 2 took place the evening of Thursday, April 14 at the Sound Board in the Motor City Casino and Hotel. The air was buzzing with energy, anticipation and the chatter of networking and of online friends meeting in...
  • Worshiping God
    We need to share God
    God wants us to share our experiences with our children. Some of the most powerful ways that people learn are through personal stories. God has shown Himself to us, and done things in our lives so that we can share Him with others. As I was...
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