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  • Future Internet
    Smart City Web Technology
    Modern cities are transforming. Urban environments depend not only on physical infrastructure but are increasingly integrating improved knowledge communications and social infrastructure to expand sustainability efforts. The evolution of...
  • Dell commits $2.4 million to underserved youth
    Dell commits $2.4 million to underserved youth
    Dell recently announced its plan to donate $2.4 million to 50 charities benefiting underserved youth across the United States as part of its youth learning initiative. Through technology, education, training and grants, Dell will provide...
  • SOPA and PIPA delayed until 2012 Election: Place your bet!
    SOPA and PIPA postponed until 2012 election: Place your bet!
    During a telephone conversation with a Washington D.C. colleague this week, I got into a friendly argument about whether the Republican presidential candidates will turn around and support the SOPA and PIPA bills once the 2012 presidential...
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Struggles
    Dialing into Racism: ICT provides a fast link to the Bad Old Days
    The other day, a respected, Washington, D.C. real estate broker called me. He told me he’d had a disturbing experience that reminded him of the dark days of the slavery era. This unpleasant regression was triggered, he said, when he had...
  • Brokenaire 2 Billionaire
    Paul Allen receives an invitation from The Brokenaire Club of DC
    On 60 Minutes, billionaire Paul Allentalked about the long list of companies he’s suing for patent infringement. Leslie Stahl teasingly called him “The Bitter Billionaire.” But stop and think. How bitter can Paul Allen really be...
  • President Obama - Technology Coverage
    Internet access as a human right in the US!
    Why are we being left behind? Nationally, it might be difficult to get total support for laws that would make Internet access a human right. Locally, in Washington, D.C., the challenge is even greater. However, internationally, this view is shared...
  • resized_Clean_House_2sm.jpg
    ICT's stellar silver season continues with The Clean House
    Cubicle-dwelling skeptics and power-suit paper pushers may claim that business minds and artistic minds are two entities incapable of co-habitation. Artistically rich Long Beach barrels through that narrow-minded wall like a wrecking ball through...
  • Lusia (Liza de Weerd) and Rose (Laura Howard) in ICT's a Shayna Maidel; (562) 436-4610 for tickets
    Golden production in a silver season
    This season marks the 25th anniversary for Long Beach’s resident professional theatre company, International City Theatre, and Shashin Desai has much to celebrate. The founding Artistic Director/Producer still holds his title at ICT, and it...
  • Rescher plays the cheating wife and North is her loving spouse in "How the Other Half Loves."
    David Boreanaz, Jesse G. James and Tiger Woods: This play is for you, 'How the Other Half Loves'
    David Boreanaz, Jesse G. James, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton and John Edwards: This play is for you. It's about cheating, lying spouses and forgiveness and it was written by a man, Alan Ayckbourn. You might even already know about this charming...
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