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  • Iran set to significantly increase uranium enrichment despite sanctions
    Iran significantly increases uranium enrichment despite sanctions
    Ten days after Barack Obama’s election, a U.N. nuclear report showed on Friday that Iran has finished installing the full capacity of centrifuges in a subterranean site and is set to greatly expand its uranium enrichment.The report set off...
  • Satellite imagery shows Iran covering up buildings
    Satellite imagery shows Iran covering up buildings
    Is Iran hiding more evidence of a nuclear weapons program? The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) thinks so.The ISIS published satellite pictures on Friday showing “a pink tent like material” covering buildings at...
  • Ali Khamenei
    Iran has never been anything less than breakdown
    Give them rope and they will hang somebodyA headline by David Ignatius at the Washington Post reads, “A breakdown in Iran nuclear talks appears likely.” Look, diplomacy with Iran is a joke and mockery. Americans and the IAEA engage as...
  • New York crowd demands that the UN Security Council impose sanctions on Iran.
    Logical fallacies in the search for the elusive Iranian nuclear weapons
    The rhetoric on the Iranian nuclear program has reached fever pitch. Almost every day, there are pronouncements from Israel that Iran is an "existential threat" to Israel and "All options are on the table" with respect to Iran....
  • Iranian President Ahmadinejad speaks at UN
    IAEA team ‘disappointed’ with Iran’s lack of nuclear transparency
    After an IAEA team returned from Iran, on Wednesday the head of the IAEA called Iran’s lack of willingness for transparency atone ofits keymilitary sites “disappointing.”The team was in Iran on Monday February 20 and Tuesday...
  • Ahmadinejad delivers a speech to the UN General Assembly
    Iran’s nuclear advances lead to new fuel rods in reactor
    Iran announced on Wednesday that it has successfully loaded domestically manufactured uranium fuel rods into a nuclear reactor, and that it expects to increase the speed of its enrichment process due to the development of more advanced centrifuges...
  • Mysterious Radiation Identified by Nuclear Officials
    Mysterious Radiation Identified by Nuclear Officials
    Mysterious Radiation Identified by Nuclear OfficialsBy Ellen Cannon The source of a mysterious radiation detected in Europe was unknown until Thursday. Amounts of iodine-131 were detected across Europe including Austria and the Czech Republic. The...
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