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  • Dogs and the Magnetic Field
    Dogs lining up with magnetic field when doing their business?
    Scientists have discovered something truly odd about dogs. Given a chance, your family pet will do its best to line up with the magnetic field when doing their business out on the lawn.Sound odd? Scientists thought so as well, but the pattern is...
  • Nearly all spelling bees are for kids, not adults.
    A spelling bee for adults (Video)
    Spelling bees are competitions where children compete to decipher who is the best speller. Mostly all spelling bees are associated with kids competing for their schools—although homeschoolers are welcome in nearly all of them. Homeschoolers...
  • ‘The Girl’s Still Got It: Take a Walk with Ruth and the God Who Rocked her World’ by Liz Curtis Higgs
    ‘The Girl’s Still Got It’ by Liz Curtis Higgs
    Delightful writer, Bible teacher and witty conference speaker Liz Higgs, takes readers on a “high-spirited walk through the book of Ruth,” in her new release, “The Girl’s Still Got It.” There readers find Naomi and...
  • Obama
    President Obama's gaffes
    Gaffes are human and both of the presidential candidates - President Barack Obama and GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney - have made plenty of them.CLICK HERE to read: In lieu of flowers, donate to President Obama's opponent (Romney) in...
  • Jimmy Kimmel
    Jimmy Kimmel: White House Correspondents' Dinner speech (VIDEO)
    The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Hilton in Washington, D.C. with the media, politicians, and celebrities in honored-attendance. Jimmy Kimmel, late night talk show host and comedian,...
  • Yummy! Eating Through a Day
    Yummy! Eating Through a Day: Selected poems for kids
    Yummy! Eating Through a Day is a collection of poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins with colorful illustrations by Renee Flower. The collection features creative writings by numerous poets who write about common foods kids love to eat.Yummy!...
  • Humor
    Humor in the Bible
    I have some very dear friends in my local assembly in Taylorsville, NC who have a wonderful sense of humor. Humor is so uplifting and can fill so many people with joy and happiness. When people think of the Bible they do not tend to think of it as...
  • Mostly Monsterly
    Book review of Tammi Sauer's 'Mostly Monsterly'
    Bernadette has all the finer monster skills. She can lurch. She can growl. She's even good at mayhem. But even though she's all monster on the outside, Bernadette has a terrible secret. She's really only mostly monsterly on the inside....
  • Children Make Terrible Pets
    Book review of Peter Brown's 'Children Make Terrible Pets'
    "Children make terrible pets," or so Lucy's mother informs her when she appears after a morning in the woods with a small boy in tow. Lucy wants to keep her cute little friend, who she names Squeaker, and her mother finally relents....
  • I May Never Be A Cowboy
    I May Never Be A Cowboy
    The average person may think that by the time a man has passed his fiftieth year all childhood dreams would have dissipated. Not so. I have discovered through the thirty-three years of marriage to Terry that old dreams die hard...very hard.Since...
  • There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea
    Book review for Jennifer Ward's 'There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea'
    There are many things that shouldn't be swallowed, and a flea is just one of them. The coyote in There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea starts a chain reaction based on the song "There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly" when he...
  • Gregory, the Terrible Eater
    Book review of Mitchell Sharmat's 'Gregory, the Terrible Eater'
    In Mitchell Sharmat's whimsical tale, Gregory is an average goat in all respects except one. His parents believe he's a terrible eater. He doesn't eat any of the things that goats are supposed to like, such as car tires, tin cans, and...
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