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  • How to reduce your audit risk
    How to reduce your chance of an IRS audit in 2014
    There is no way to be 100% sure that you are not going to be audited. However, there are ways that you can lower your chance of being audited. Today, we are going to share some audit protection tips that will help ease your mind about the IRS...
  • How to efile your 2013 Federal tax return online
    How to efile your 2013 Federal tax return online
    Tax season is here to grace us with its presence again. Traditionally, taxpayers resorted to sending in their tax returns via snail mail and waiting for the IRS to process them that way.However, times are changing due to technology and it is now...
  • How college students win big with student tax credits
    How college students win big with student tax credits
    The cost of an education is more expensive now than ever. To help students’ mange the expenses of high tuition, textbooks, and more, the U.S. Government provides several sizable student tax credits. These credits are available to students...
  • Introduce yourself
    Good way to start a foreign language.
    Your first goalIf someone decides to start learning a foreign language, it is pretty hard to know exactly where to start. Even worse, someone may find they don't even like the language after studying pages of grammar and phrases. A good way to...
  • Seth Woolley
    Secretary of State candidate Seth Woolley wants to clean up corruption in govt.
    Seth Woolley is running for Oregon State Secretary, and wants to increase transparency in government reporting. He is among thousands of Oregonians that have for decades advocated to make changes in our government.Frustrated voters that feel let...
    How to find the best airfare deals
    Are you anxious to travel somewhere this summer only to find yourself discouraged due to the increase in airfares? You shouldn’t be because there are a few ways to help your chances of snagging a great airfare deal during these more...
  • Inspiration Denim
    Destroyed denim is making a comeback
    I have been noticing an ongoing trend of modernized variations of 90's grunge fashion going on here, and to be honest, I love it. The 90's, though the fashion then was more simplified, and let's face it.... ugly. Portland and Eugene...
  • Pagan Symbol Stones
    How To: "Become Pagan"
    Many popular religions talk of conversion, some with an emphasis on it. Paganism is not one of those religions. First of all, “paganism” is not really a religion; it is an umbrella term for a collection of spiritual paths and...
  • Advice!
    A Little Advice in Fitness
    A lot of times, people get discouraged by all the exercise “rules” they read in magazines or are told by their trainer. The bottom line is; any exercise is better than none. In this article we will give some common exercise advice and...
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