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  • HopeWell Cancer Support
    HopeWell Annual Reach Out and Run
    For more than 21 years, HopeWell has been a haven for cancer survivors, families of cancer survivors, and friends of survivors. Approximately 40% of the people that participate in free programs provided by HopeWell have love ones who have or had...
  • Charles Lindbergh
    80 years ago today: The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping
    In May 1927, an unknown aviator named Charles Lindbergh flew non-stop from New York to Paris in a single-engine airplane, earning him instant international recognition. On March 1, 1932, 80 years ago today, tragedy struck just as quickly as...
  • Saint Louis Mounds
    Saint Louis Mounds: the Ancient Architecture of Missouri
    Missouri was a major center of advanced indigenous culturesMost readers might find this fact surprising, but, until the early 1900’s, Saint Louis, Missouri was known as “The Mound City.” Six hundred years ago, there were at least...
  • The Garden Creek villages were occupied from about 600 AD to 1200 AD.
    America's architectural heritage: Garden Creek Mounds in the North Carolina mountains
    This important town site is now a subdivision The farther one goes back into the history of North America, the more the body of knowledge appears to be a patchwork quilt of knowns and unknowns. Unfortunately, much that archaeologists do know is...
  • Siouan peoples in both the upper Midwest and the Southeast once lived in pit houses.
    America's architectural heritage: the Sioux and the Siouan pit house
    When most people around the world hear the word, Sioux, they think of teepees, buffalo herds and brave men dashing across the prairie on horseback. Sioux is actually a name given to some of the Sioux living on the Minnesota prairie by early French...
  • The early Maya temples were earthen mounds with fieldstone veneers and thatched roofs.
    The Mesoamerican connection: early Maya architecture
    In response to requests by readers, the three month long series on the Native American communities of North America is being interrupted to present a mini-series on Mesoamerican cultures that might have had contact with indigenous peoples in North...