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  • Patterson family's custom power carts
    Hot power carts to roam the fairways at Anderson, Cloverdale and Emerald
    Golfers are going to arrive at their shots in cool style while driving in three tricked up power cart rides this season at the Patterson family’s trio of tracks.“We’ll be making available power carts inspired by the Cadillac...
  • A brief history of the worst-made American cars - part 2
    A brief history of the worst-made American cars - part 2
    The first part of this summary showed that the 70s and 80s were not necessarily kind to GM, Ford, Chrysler, and AMC. Although some decent cars came out of Detroit in those years, it was primarily a time of confusion. Safety and emission...
  • Mercedes Unimog
    Arnold Schwarzenegger's new ride
    Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took ownership of a 5 ton $250,000 Mercedes Benz unimog pickup truck recently in California. It seems ironic that Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for passing some of the toughest emissions laws in California...
  • 2013 Cadillac Escalade
    Next generation Cadillac Escalade will keep its girth and bling
    Escalade owners love to live large and make bold statements and Cadillac doesn't plan to disappoint with their next generation model. The urban street cred people hauler will remain a massively-oversized luxury product with modestly better...
  • RIP in 2010: Auto brands that didn’t survive
    RIP in 2010: Auto brands that didn’t survive
    This is the time of year when Philadelphians are presented with a roll-call of entertainment, sports and political figures who passed away during that calendar year. Here’s an automotive equivalent. While 2010 has been an especially acute...
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger cartoon as Governor fights budget
    Schwarzenegger's next step: pushing oil at the White House?
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has only a few more days left with the title of Governor, but he won't be forgotten. He talked with the Los Angeles Times last Friday about Schwarzenegger's future plans in politics."There’s no...
  • h3t_front_lead_in.jpg
    Hummer to recall 163,000 H3 models
    The Hummer H3T Image courtesy of GM Related articles Big 3 news for Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Big 3 news for Tuesday, April 27 2010 Big 3 weekend review: April 17, 2010 Big 3 news for Thursday, April 29, 2010 General Motors is in the process of ...
  • Will you be missed?
    Hummers on sale, clearance!
    Hummers for sale! GM has kicked the Hummer brand to the curb and now they need to clear out their stockpile of these gargantuan gas guzzlers. Available to civilians since the 1990's, Hummer busted onto the scene with a badass tude. You'd...
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