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  • Lil Wayne tour bus shot up
    Young Money artist Lil Wayne's tour bus involved in shooting
    Young Money Cash Money rapper Lil Wayne’s tour bus was involved in a shooting, early morning April 26 after leaving a nightclub where he performed in Atlanta. The club he was leaving is called Compound Nightclub where sources tells TMZ the...
  • Hood
    Boston Chef Christopher Coombs partners with Hood Cream
    Boston Chef Chris Coombs of dbar, Boston Chops, and Deuxave recently partnered up with Hood Cream, to host his first-ever Google+ live streaming cooking demo. (Chef Coombs was recently announced as Hood Cream’s official spokesperson for 2014...
  • 'Boston Grown-Ups Museum' night inclined to art and fun
    'Boston Grown-Ups Museum' night inclined to art and fun
    We had the privilege to attend the annual Boston Grown-Ups Museum night on Wed., Apr. 9, 2014 at the Boston Children's Museum. If you missed out on that night, make sure you register early next time! It's truly an amazing night for you and...
  • CHAJ
    Need to know: Carhartt Realtree Xtra Camo Active Jac
    As long as Carhartt keeps coming out with great new gear, chances are you’ll read about it here. It seems to be one of the many things at which they are very good. The workwear maker known for its tough-as-nails cotton duck dungarees also...
  • Tornado
    At least 6 dead in north Texas tornado
    What authorities are calling a “large tornado” has touched down in Texas. A May 16 report from CNN, says that at least six people were killed when a late night tornado touched down in north Texas.Reports say that at least six people...
  • Snoop Dogg posing with Susan Sarandon
    Snoop Dogg is justified in his colorful reasons why he's voting for Obama
    Just yesterday Snoop Dogg got the tweeters on twitter all twitted, when he tweeted a list of reasons why he's not voting for Romney and why he is voting for Obama.Let's just say his reason's are a bit off color. Many African Americans...
  • Put Your Back N 2 It
    Review of Perfume Genius's "Put Your Back N 2 It"
    Don’t be fooled by the title. Perfume Genius’s “Put Your Back N 2 It” is not the playful album that its name suggests. Quite to the contrary, it is a wide-eyed and earnest release that takes on themes from abuse to...
  • Little pink riding hood
    Look under the hood: Wear a hooded dress
    I am always looking for interesting new details added to clothing, because, let's face it: dresses all start to look the same after a while.As a huge advocator of clothing that draws attention to the neck and shoulders region, I was rather...
  • Commercial hoods
    Ovens, ranges, and hoods: residential vs. commercial space
    Now getting down to the stuff you don’t necessarily have control over: what kind of range do you have?Right off the bat, if you have an old-school electric stove-top with coils, you’re in for a world of hurt. Have some dry dish-towels...
  • Microwave French Onion Soup
    More Soup for You!
    But you have to make it yourself! Don’t worry, these recipes are easy, and will keep you warm as you dry off from the rain that's headed for Boston this week. Chicken and Corn Chowder Inspired by a recipe fromHood, this recipe...
  • Keanu Reeves
    More 'Matrix' for Keanu Reeves; Will Smith starring in Wachowski's 'Hood'
    Long time contributor to AICN, El-Nino seems to have broke a huge story concerning the Wachowski's 'Matrix' series, which was seemingly laid to rest in 2003 with 'Matrix Revolutions.'According to a report from El-Nino, star of...
  • wsmith
    Wachowskis looking to modernize Robin Hood with Will Smith possible lead
    There once was a time when Will Smith was offered the lead role of Neo in The Matrix which was written by the Andy and Lana Wachowski. That role eventually went to Keanu Reeves because Smith opted to star in Wild Wild West instead. Who says people...
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