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  • Green Team Participants at Dallas Green Fest
    All trails lead to the Trinity River
    The words “Dallas, Texas” often inspire a wide variety of conversations. People often gloat about the rise and fall of the infamous Cowboys football team, the perfect location for transnational business or the delicious home cooked...
  • Get to know your horse and appreciate her personality.
    Utah’s horse world – 10 tips for making your horse training fun and effective
    While recent articles have discussed the topics of properly tacking up and mounting our horses, we realize a lot of people have horses who are too young or too green for riding, and there are riders who’d feel more comfortable spending more...
  • Groundwork
    Doing the Groundwork
    Time marches on and progress moves us in the direction of ever more elaborate creature comforts. Thirty years ago, Santa Monica was a sleepy center of sand, sun and deserted shop fronts. Today, there are so many places that are generating good...
  • Groundwork Organic Coffee and Teas
    Groundwork coffee: Groundbreaking in organic and fair trade
    Terms like “fair trade” and “organic” are thrown around often in today’s coffee community, but Groundwork coffee was one of the first to provide certified organic coffee to the Southern California region.Historically...
  • Black & Decker trimmer
    Yard work from hell made better with Black & Decker trimmer
    Just recently, because of my husband's sudden and debilitating illness (a mild stroke precursor) I became responsible for all the home's "heavy lifting" including yard work. Since I have always been active in home care and...
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