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  • Greenwood Outdoor Rink
    Toronto Outdoor Covered Skating Rink Opens in Toronto
    Councillor Paula Fletcher (Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth), City of Toronto staff and community members today celebrated the opening of two new rinks at Greenwood Park. The occasion featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a hockey-skills competition for...
  • The Wretched Prologue
    Montreal Screens Wretched
    The superbly crafted short horror film “The Wretched Prologue” written by Collin Watts and Directed by the highly acclaimed Richard Greenwood, Jr. is scheduled to screen Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 3:15 PM at the Palais des Congres...
  • 2013 WAMM Fest
    2013 WAMMfest scheduled for this Saturday at Craig Park in Greenwood
    The 2013 Wine Art Music and Microbrew Festival is scheduled for this Saturday, August 17, 2013, at Craig Park in Greenwood, Indiana, according to the official WAMMfest site. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with music, beverages and art...
  • Greenwood Mayor
    Greenwood files foreclosure against Elona Biotechnologies
    The city of Greenwood has filed a foreclosure lawsuit against Elona Biotechnologies, a drug-maker that received $8.4 million in tax dollars from the city, including a loan for a new production facility. The city filed this action in Johnson County...
  • Stand Still
    Martial artists having fun supporting firefighters
    On Saturday, June 8th, Pilsung ATA Martial Arts participated in the 21st Annual Strawberry Festival held at Sugar Grove Elementary. Organized as a fundraiser for the White River Township Fire Department, the Strawberry Festival is always a major...
  • "BattleLore"
    Custom unit ideas for 'BattleLore': Greenwood Elves
    While Richard Borg's "BattleLore" is not officially dead, the game has taken a back seat to Fantasy Flight's other projects. Borg himself has mentioned other factions besides the Humans, Goblins and Dwarves, though we may have a...
  • Indy Gamerz
    Indy Gamerz is moving to a new location
    Indy Gamerz has continued to grow and the number of gamers visiting the store has as well. In response Tim and Pat Ewick have decided it is time to make their store bigger and better. The couple has always believed that if they take care of the...
  • Phinney Market Pub ready for Spring
    Phinney Market Pub ready for Spring
    This April’s showers have been giving way to increasingly beautiful sprees of sunshine and warm weather, inviting Seattleites to don their summer garb and celebrate the elusive Northwestern treat that is Patio Weather. In order to...
  • Snoose Junction Pizzeria - American taste, Swedish name
    Snoose Junction Pizzeria - American taste, Swedish name
    Snoose is an Americanization of the Swedish word Snus (/ˈsnuːs/; which is Swedish snuff, a moist powder tobaccoproduct originated from a variant of dry snuffin the early 19th century in Sweden, consumed by placing it under the lip for extended...
  • Brownie Points at Taproot Theatre
    Review of Brownie Points Now Showing at Taproot Theatre
    Upon arriving at Taproot Theatre you may notice India Arie piped in to set the atmosphere as people take their seats, a stage brought low and right up to the toes of those on the front row, and an audience which is seemingly on pins and needles,...
  • Mug
    Good Brew in Greenwood
    When thinking of the coffee scene in Seattle, it is easy to come up with a list of flashy hotspots and coffee giants. There are the giants of The Hill (by which, of course, I mean Capitol Hill) -- Cafe Vita, Victrola, Espresso Vivace, Stumptown --...
  • Dunbar
    Greenwood makes bid to be Seattle's spaciest neighborhood
    Some would say Fremont is Seattle's spaciest neighborhood. They have the Fremont Rocket, a statue of Lenin, the annual solstice parade, and generally march to the beat of a different drummer. Capitol Hill would get support for spaciest, with...
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