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  • Economy, job growth weaker than reported
    Economy, job growth weaker than reported
    Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment fell in September but Dan Weil of MoneyNews reported on Monday that former Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan does not see it that way and is increasingly concerned about...
  • easter is on its way
    Easter Egg hunting as an Autism therapy
    Peter Cottontail will be hoping down the bunny trail very soon since Easter is on its way. If you’re the parent of a child on the Autism spectrum finding activities they may want to engage in is often difficult. Each child is different where...
  • DIR/Floortime
    DIR and Floortime for Autism
    One of the most well-known developmental approaches is the Greenspan approach, also known as the Developmental Individual Difference (DIR) Model (Greenspan & Wieder, 1997). The Greenspan model is described as a “relationship-based model,...
  • Federal Reserve
    Occupy Movement: When Greenspan Was God: Facts About the Federal Reserve
    One of the chief issues of the Occupy Movement is the inordinate amount of influence big business has over the legislative process. There may be many reasons why protestors are there, but for mostthis is one thingtheyagree on consistently. They...
  • Candice Nicole
    Power Player:an interview with Candice Nicole
    There is an old African saying that we’ve all heard: “it takes a village....” . The end to that sentence may change depending on who or what you are talking to or about. But at the end of the day, the principle remains the same:...
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