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  • The Greenland ice claimed many planes
    'Frozen In Time' is a timely tale
    Nearly everyone who has sat through a high school history course is familiar with the main events of World War II that took place in the European and Pacific theaters of war. Fewer, though, have heard about the adventures of the valiant airmen who...
  • Viking at MN Capitol
    Vikings reach North America (1001 A.D.)
    The Vikings left Scandinavia around 800 A.D. The journeymen explored westward into the British Isles, Iceland, Greenland, and eventually North America. It did not take long for the explorers to reach the New World after settling in Greenland. The...
  • Ice is melting in Greenland and Antarctica at accelerated rate
    Ice is melting in Greenland and Antarctica at accelerated rate
    Imagine the world of the future: Greenland will be green; Antarctica will be ice-free; the North Pole won’t be a stripped pole in the snow but a floating buoy in the ocean; and Miami will be an underwater park where scuba divers explore...
  • Greenland Glaciers
    Greenland’s melting ice will be more substantial than expected
    New findings regarding Greenland’s icy formations have revealed that the ice melt will take a different, more destructive path than once thought. Deep canyons and valleys containing thick sheets of ice have been discovered below sea level,...
  • Greenland Shark rescue
    Good Samaritans save shark choking on moose hide
    Canadian news media on Thursday are reporting that two Newfoundland men are being credited with saving the life of a Greenland Shark from choking to death.According to media reports, the two Newfoundland men,Derrick Chaulk and Jeremy Ball of...
  • Extensive canyon discovered under Greenland's ice sheet
    Ancient extensive canyon discovered under Greenland ice sheet
    NASA announced on Thursday that a team of scientists has discovered a half-mile deep canyon stretching for over 450 miles underneath a mile of Greenland’s overwhelming ice sheet, with the canyon’s formation most likely dating prior to...
  • Greenland canyon
    Greenland ice canyon: Deep river bed discovered under ice sheet
    Buried under Greenland’s ice for millions of years, a deep river system has recently been discovered by scientists, and it is longer than the Grand Canyon system in the United States, although not quite so wide or deep. The 470 mile canyon...
  • Greenland ice sheet melting.
    Climate change first: Ice sheets melt from below
    Alexey Petrunin and Irina Rogozhina of IceGeoHeat, an international climate research initiative led by the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, are the first to establish a connection between heat transfer from the mantle beneath the world...
  • June upper level pressure map also relates to hot and cold regions
    Greenland ice sheet melting: Be careful what you read
    A NASA report was released with the title “Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt. Let me jump to the heart of the report that stated something similar has happened before. "Ice cores from Summit show that melting...
  • Iceberg causes tsunami in Greenland and tourist boat narrowly escapes video.
    Iceberg tsunami video: Wave nearly takes out a tourist boat in Greenland
    An iceberg broke off and crashed into the sea and started a tsunamiwith the wave nearly engulfing a tour boatcarryingpeople taking in the sights. This amazingevent in nature happened in Greenlandand was all caught on video.Iceberg tsunami video:...
  • Northwest Greenland Canyons
    Manhattan-size iceberg breaks away from Petermann Glacier
    A huge iceberg about the size of Manhattan broke away from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland Monday. Scientists blame global warming or climate change and rises in ocean temperatures as reasons the massive iceberg broke away.Monday, Discovery...
  • Glaciers Greenland
    Global Warming, Greenland and it’s melting ice Glaciers?
    What are the chances that Greenland the largest island on earth would actually be covered with glaciers. Or maybe green land? If Global warming has its way the glaciers will melt away into the ocean. Some of the Glaciers are 2 miles thick...
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