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  • Are we running out of water for food production?
    Are we running out of water for food production?
    Small farms are the small businesses that keep the rest of the country fed. From soybean fields to vineyards, even family-owned operations are feeling the pinch of droughts, particularly in places like California, where water shortages are...
  • Earth-berm greenhouse under construction
    Building an Earth-Bermed Greenhouse
    Many gardeners long for a greenhouse so they can extend their growing seasons and get an early start on the next years’ plantings. Coupling this idea with green living techniques can be challenging. An earth-sheltered or earth-bermed...
  • Poisonous Garden Plants
    Poisonous Garden Plants
    Most gardeners choose garden plants without thinking about how safe they are to have in the garden. You would not think that nurseries or green houses would sell gardeners anything that is poisonous, but they do. It is amazing how many toxic...
  • Fairy Garden
    Weatherproof beauty beckons in Litchfield Hills and Fairfield County
    The weather may still be cool and April may bring showers, but it isn’t too soon to glory in the flowers of summer. Two special greenhouses in Western Connecticut invite everyone for a sweet preview of what is ahead. From rare begonias to a...
  • Chicago skyscrapers in winter
    Gardening under glass or plastic
    Gardening under glass or plastic is four-seasons or year round gardening. It can be done on a tabletop or on acres of land. It can cost less than ten dollars or thousands of dollars. It can be a source of food for a family or the entire world. It...
  • My backyard greenhouse and atrium
    "Go Green by Creating Your Own Victory Backyard Garden or Greenhouse"
    During World War II, backyard gardens, or ‘Victory’ gardens were planted due to the depression and limited food supplies. These privately grown gardens instilled a sense of pride and victory in the owners as their contribution to the...
  • Diane's greenhouse
    Greenhouse dreams in the Sierra foothills
    Diane Mannina, of Coarsegold, has dreamed of having a real glass greenhouse, and now after many years and a few obstacles, has it standing majestically in her rural garden, ready for use in all seasons.Diane grew up with a Dad who loved roses, so...
  • A Japanese Camilla in full bloom
    Garfield Park Conservatory offers Chicagoans the outdoors, indoors
    Missing the vibrant, verdant plant life around Chicagoland? Visit Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory to get a much-neededdose of plantenergy. Garfield Park Conservatory’s indoor, kid-friendly greenhouses can transport you to warm...
  • Orchids at the MN Landscape Arboretum
    'Great Hall of Orchids: Timeless Beauty'
    The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's "Great Hall of Orchids: Timeless Beauty"exhibit is now open. It is a stunning exhibit of orchids from Orchids Limited in Plymouth. You can see the unusual collection in the Great Hall of the Oswald...
  • Great deal on portable greenhouses at Ocean State Job Lot in Hooksett
    Great deal on portable greenhouses at Ocean State Job Lot in Hooksett
    Manchester gardeners have a great opportunity thanks to a steep discount at Ocean State Job Lot.The store is currently offering portable four shelf mini greenhouses at the unheard of price of $20.These greenhouses are lightweight, easy to put...
  • Marjorie McNeeley Conservatory at Como Park
    Conservatories in Minnesota: a great local antidote to the winter blues
    If you are like most Minnesotans, as much as you love your state and its distinct seasons, you sometimes need a break from the winter palette and frigid temperatures. A great way to feed your need for tropical heat, flowering plants, and other...
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