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  • Dominion Geothermal
    Entrepreneurial journey to solving energy storage problems
    The world has sufficient energy supply to support a manageable number of people on our planet of scarce resources. For as long as the sun shines, there is hope for humanity with several important caveats:1. Humanity must keep the population in...
  • Part III: Renewable Energy: Geothermal goes deep beyond the surface
    Part III: Renewable Energy: Geothermal goes deep beyond the surface
    We are finally reaching the end of a hot and humid summer that, without the assistance of air conditioning, might have been more of a challenge to survive for many areas of the country. It was reported Mid-Atlantic States this summer experienced...
  • Congresswoman Matsui
    Matsui: Conservative Congress plans cuts to clean energy investments by 70%
    SACRAMENTO, CA Congressperson Doris Matsui (D) CA announced the current conservative congress plans cuts to clean energy investments by 70%; while at the same time continuing to protect 20 billion dollars in annual tax subsidies for the oil...
  • Geothermal Power Plant
    Government Gets Behind Geothermal Power
    It was only a matter of time before people started realizing geothermal energy is not just some cute geyser spouting heaps of water and steam from the earth at Yellowstone National Park. In reality, geothermal energy has the ability to provide a...
  • Geothermal Dog House
    Geothermal Dog House
    GeoThermal Energyis a wave of a the future, starting from the ground up! Harnessingrenewable energyfrom the earth can be surprisingly easier than you might think! Instead of drilling deep down to theearth’s core,a depth of simplyfour feetor...
  • Clean Coal
    Don't chase the Clean Coal Lie
    If you watched Green Bay defeat the Steelers last Sunday, chances are you also caught a glimpse of the new Chevy Volt commercial…I certainly did. And of course, after it ran, all eyes were on me.Friends, family, and a few people I don&rsquo...
  • Terrestrial planet cores
    Earth's heat revisited
    Old-earth geologists make the key assumption that the entire earth was once molten. Several lines of evidence refute this assumption.An earth molten for the first half-billion years of its existence is the key reason why conventional geologists do...
  • Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP)
    Buffalo’s Green Development Zone: A Walking Tour with PUSH Buffalo
    On Tuesday afternoon, PUSH Buffalo hosted a walking tour of the Massachusetts Avenue corridor of Buffalo’s West Side, post-“Extreme Makeover”. Last November, ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” came to...
  • Beehive Geyser
    Geothermal heating and cooling for your home, it's not what you may think.
    When someone mentions geothermal heating most people think of tapping hot geysers of steam from the earth for heat. While this is possible it is only practical for people living above a natural geyser or other natural earth heat source. For a more...
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