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  • San Diego Comic-Con 2015 is the Holy Grail for geeks
    San Diego Comic-Con 2015 is the Holy Grail for geeks
    The holy grail of all geek conventions, San Diego Comic-Con International, is just days away. This bucket list worthy adventure is being held July 9-12, 2015 at the Convention Center in gorgeous downtown San Diego. While a few might soak up a...
  • July shines for geeks at Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    July shines for geeks at Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    Geeks of all ages will love the Sci-Fi Film Series at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science this July and August. Most likely it has been far too long since you have seen the likes of Blade Runner and Planet of the Apes. For those who have yet...
  • Denver geeks get ready for Myths and Legends Con
    Denver geeks get ready for Myths and Legends Con
    Attention Denver area geeks! Myths and Legends Con is less than two months away. Fans need to get their “Jayne hats,” fezzes, and wands ready for what has quickly become one of the favorite conventions in the area. This unique...
  • Dog at Computer
    Some Dos and Don'ts for Taking your Dog to Work This Week
    The official Take Your Dog to Work Day is Friday, June 16 but some dog lovers across the region will be taking their pets to work the week of June 22-26. This annual event celebrates the bond between people and their canine companions and...
  • Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento
    Blockbuster weekend anticipated for Sacramento Wizard World Con
    Sacramento is full of dedicated geeks, especially those of popular multimedia titles such as “Doctor Who”, “Star Trek”, “Star Wars” and “The Walking Dead”. The area’s geeks flee to pop culture...
  • Zombiesand
    Zombies & Calculus by Colin Adams
    While this review has nothing, strictly speaking, to do with atheism,we atheistsdo have a reputation for liking that geeky science-y stuff as well as that geeky Sci-Fi stuff (and anything else that can havethe word "geeky" applied to it)...
  • Big Bang Theory LEGO set
    LEGO announces Mini 'Big Bang Theory' LEGO set
    The “Big Bang Theory” LEGO set will soon become a reality. According to a Nov 10 c|net report, it is one of two winners of the LEGO Review. The set is the brainchild of Alatarieland collaboratorGlenBricker. After receiving the...
  • ‘Supernatural’  fans show off collectables
    ‘Supernatural’ fans show off collectables
    Close to wrapping up its ninth incredible season, the CW hit show ‘Supernatural’ is still riding high on huge ratings and devoted fans. Even though there are some new shiny collectables on the way such as the 1967 Impala replica and a...
  • Geeks
    Girls prefer geeks
    Gone are the days of the jock always getting the girls, the nerd is top dog now. The underdog, geeky guys with glasses and an impressive collection of Magic: The Gathering cards are just swimming in babes. And that's pretty good news...
  • Five Favorite Books for Geeks by Author David Rudd-Mitchell
    Five Favorite Books for Geeks by Author David Rudd-Mitchell
    Five Favorite Books is a special feature at LA Books Examiner in which our favorite authors share their five favorite books within a category. In this edition, David Rudd-Mitchell, author of Geek Tragedy, discusses his five favorite books for the...
  • Geek Girls: Who Are You To Say She's Not?
    The Myth of the Fake Geek Girl
    Ever since famed graphic novelist Tony Harris popularized the idea of the “fake geek girl” on his Facebook page in late 2012, the idea has gained traction amongst many self-proclaimed male geeks. A fake geek girl is generally described...
  • Learning Just Got Awesome
    Top Seven YouTube Channels for Geeks
    I'm sure at some point all of you geeks have been bored and searching for some great edutainment! Why not check out these awesomely geeky YouTube channels?
  • It's the 21st century, and women have taken their place with the guys
    Time to step up and face facts: Women are (and have long been) geeks, too
    So regardless of what you might read on reddit, there’s a secret that’s all too slowly being revealed – females (old and young alike), are every bit as capable of being fans of popular culture as the men of the species. Let me...
  • Geek & Sundry logo
    Geek & Sundry declares March 30th as International TableTop Day
    March 30th is officially International TableTop Day. Geek & Sundry announced yesterday, via YouTube, a special day to encourage table top game play all around the world. According to the press release, the event was inspired by the generous...
  • Kayley Cuoco
    Kaley Cuoco is William Shatner's daughter in new Priceline commercials
    Kaley Cuoco has been revealed to be the secret daughter of William Shatner’s alter ego, the Priceline Negotiator. Priceline released the new commercial on YouTube on Jan. 9.The new commercial stars off with Shatner driving up to a remote...
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