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  • El Rocoto
    Deliciously authentic Peruvian cuisine at El Rocoto
    Forget all the trendy Peruvian restaurants popping up all over L.A...if you want the real thing, without all the fluff, you need to head over to El Rocoto, named after the Peruvian chile pepper. The original Gardena location has been re-modeled...
  • Precious Stella
    Pup Stella in Gardena out of time today
    Please take a minute to consider Stella. So many dogs in Gardena are being put to sleep.“The Carson shelter has been a nightmare for dogs again lately; dogs getting sick, not getting enough time, in bad conditions, and the list goes on. No...
  • Sad little one in Carson Animal Shelter
    A California foster home will save this little boy's life
    Sadly, this little one sits in the Carson City Shelter with a tear running down his face. Networkers have created a Facebook page to try and find a foster home and a rescue group to help.Please visit his page to ‘like’ and share:http:/...
  • Carson beauty is hopeless
    The sad face of desperation in Gardena, California
    This beautiful dog has lost all hope. Even though she is the focus of a Facebook networking effort to save her life, she has given up.This image is all too common in the nation’s shelters where according to NAFA Cares, “over 6 million...
  • Chunky Monkey
    Where did Chunky go?
    A beautiful boy named Chunky Monkey is missing from the Los Angeles County California shelter system.His ID # is A4307904, but that comes up with the message “Sorry! No Records were found. Try changing some of your search criteria and trying...
  • Beautiful Blue
    Beautiful Blue, owner surrendered senior to die in Gardena, CA
    Some awful person took this sweet senior to the pound knowing she would not be adopted. The same person named her Blue.People in the Facebook community are working to try and save Blue today even though her chances are slight.She is soft and...
  • Gardena School Shooting
    Gardena school shooter identified
    Gardena, CA- A recent school shooting in LA has more information coming in related to the shooter. The police have identified the shooter as a 14 or 15 year old black student. He arrived at the school wearing all black and carrying an unidentified...
  • Gardeena School Shooting
    Gardena School Shooting
    Gardena, CA- News has just struck that a Highschool in garden California has been the victim of a school shooting. According to Twitter reports, approximately 3 people have been injured. The situation has already been diffused, and police are on...
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