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  • The way he once was
    Gallagher goes on his last tour, records his last CD. Are watermelons forbidden?
    Depending on who and what you read and believe, the watermelon-smashing Leo Anthony Gallagher is broke, having lost $3 million dollars on, losing it all by "betting on America. He invested in a pharmaceutical company called Immtech that...
  • Gallagher
    Gallagher suffers heart attack at local bar
    The comedian Gallagher, widely known for smashing watermelons on stage with his "sledge-o-matic", wasscheduled to perform at Coach Joe's Hat Trick's in Lewisville on Wednesday, March 14. There had been a meet and greet with fans...
  • Gallagher
    Gallagher out of coma and already performing from hospital bed
    As reported last week, funny man Gallagher was in an induced coma after sufering a heart attack before a show.Fox news now reports that doctors slowly woke up the comedian on Sunday, and that he is doing very well.He was able to recognize family...
  • Gallagher has heart attack
    Funny man Gallagher in induced coma after heart attack
    Funny man Gallagher, the comedian who is known for smashing anything and everything on stage, is in a Dallas hospital slowly recovering from a heart attack.Gallagher on stageHis manager said he was scheduled to perform at a Texas club, Hat Tricks,...
  • Comedian Gallagher In Stable Condition After Heart Attack
    Watermelon smashing comedian Gallagher in stable condition after heart attack
    Lewisville, Tex. - Comedian Gallagher, who's best known for smashing watermelons and other items on stage during his raucous act, is reportedly in stable condition after suffering a heart attack Wednesday.Gallagher, 65, was slated to perform...
  • Comedian Gallagher hospitalized after heart attack
    Comedian Gallagher hospitalized after heart attack
    Comedian Leo Anthony Gallagher, who goes by "Gallagher" and is best known for smashing watermelons has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.TMZ reports the 65-year old was scheduled to perform that night and was heading...
  • Gallagher
    Q&A with comedian Gallagher on his 2011 tour
    For more than 30 years and 3,000 shows, Gallagher has been touring tirelessly, bringing his unique brand of stand-up comedy to concert halls and TV sets (via his award-winning Showtime specials) across the nation. And while he’s primarily...
  • Beady Eye
    Oasis' Liam Gallagher back with a new band, Beady Eye
    After adisagreement between chief songwriter and lead guitarist Noel Gallagher and his brother, lead vocalist Liam Gallagher, British rockersOasis decided to call it a day in 2009. Butnow Liam is back with a new project, including 2 of his...
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