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  • Quasar
    Asteroids, Black Holes: The largest objects in the universe
    More than 14 billion years ago, the universe developed from the Planck epoch, a hot and dense phase in its beginning. Since then, the universe has expanded and has created billions of galaxies, stars and planets. The universe will continue to...
  • No,even BIGGER!!!
    Massive discovery challenges scientific theories
    Astronomers recentlyannouncedthe discovery of what they are saying is the largest object ever observed. Larger than astronomers first thought possible, the structure is a clump of active galactic cores that stretches over 4 billion light-years...
  • Andromeda Galaxy and Satellite Galaxies M32 and M110
    BX442 and dwarf companion galaxy discovered at approx. 10.7 billion years in age
    At roughly 10.7 billion years old, the recently discovered BX442 galaxy has been hailed by astronomers as the oldest spiral galaxy to date. Due to the turbulence of the early universe, which is only approximately 13.7 billion years old, the degree...
    A mathematician's dream
    Geometry is the one thing in the universe that everything has in common because everything in the universe is physical and has form. But this only applies to matter, and not to any of the space that matter occupies. If geometry is the qualitative...
  • LEDA 074886
    Astronomers discover rare rectangular galaxy
    When it comes to galaxies, we usually think of those huge spiral-shaped masses of stars, like our own Milky Way. They can also be more elliptical and irregular in shape, but there is also a fourth type which is much rarer - only eight have been...
  • NASA Galaxy chart
    Strange population of tiny, distant galaxies forming stars discovered
    Scientists claim to have discovered a set of strange population of tiny, distant galaxies forming stars rapidly out in the universe, that has them puzzled. The galaxies are estimated to be some 9 billion light years away.A light-year, also light...
  • Are galaxies running out of gas?
    Are galaxies running out of gas?
    Hang on to your hats – it appears the lights are going out in the Universe! Besides being a bit startling – and frightening – what could this mean regarding religion? Is God getting tired (which sounds rather sacrilegious), or is...
  • Dark energy exists and the galaxies are falling apart
    Dark energy exists, galaxies spreading apart
    Dark energy is here and is expanding our universe into a ‘cosmic wasteland’.A group of scientists have determined through a five-year survey that dark energy is real and expanding our universe at accelerating speeds. These findings...
  • resized_Galaxy_graphic.jpg
    New star-forming regions discovered in Milky Way
    Artist rendition of the Milky Way NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC-Caltech Related articles Space 101 - What is a galaxy? Space picture of the day: The Black Eye Galaxy M64 Space picture of the day: Star birth in galaxy M83 Invading alien star...
  • Artist's rendition of a black hole's distortion at the center of a galaxy
    Supermassive black holes hint at dark matter behavior
    Two astronomers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have found some hints on how dark matter behaves near supermassive black holes. The two UNAM astronomers, Dr. Xavier Hernandez and Dr.William Lee took some calculations on how...
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