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  • Ecuador is the Galapagos and a whole lot more
    Ecuador is the Galapagos and a whole lot more
    The South American country of Ecuador offers visitors a range of amazing things to see and do. While it may be best known for the Galapagos, there are three more distinct regions of Ecuador, each offering travelers different ways to connect with...
  • Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab
    50th Anniversary Celebration of the Charles Darwin Research Station
    Which recent scientific discoveries would most interest and surprise Charles Darwin were he alive today and updating “The Origin of the Species?”Find out Monday evening, May 12, at the David Brower Center in Berkeley at a lecture by...
  • 5 beaches to put on your bucket list
    5 beaches to put on your bucket list
    A lifelong beach lover like me has strolled along hundreds of beaches in far-reaching parts of the world, from Florida to Fiji. Best beaches lists name sandy strands across the globe as “best” for many reasons. I read them and wonder...
  • Bartolome Island-Galapagos
    Yacht Charter Itinerary; The Spectacular Galapagos Islands
    An outstanding group of islands, the Galapagos Islands are best visited and enjoyed on a crewed yacht charter. A spectacular location to see nature at its finest, with a wide variety of land and sea species in their natural habitat. On each crewed...
  • Nomadico Travel: Latin America Green Adventures
    Nomadico Travel: Latin America Green Adventures (Video)
    Have an adventure of a lifetime that leaves little evidence on theenvironment!See Peru, Ecuador, or the Galapagos islands with enriching cultural interaction with the local people, exoticadventures, andbreath takingviews.Nomadico Travel...
  • Staphylococcus aureus
    Belgium company discovers a new class of antibiotics, treats all MRSA strains
    The Mechelen, Belgium biotech company, Galapagos, says they discovered an entirely new class of antibiotics that may offer treatment against multiple drug-resistant infections, including 100% of all drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus, including...
  • We spotted these adorable sea lions on Rabida Beach on our Galapagos cruise.
    Silversea to name its current small expedition ship Silver Galapagos
    We've told everyone who ever questions us about cruising that if they want something amazing, definitely check out the Galapagos.Today, we see where luxury expedition cruise specialist Silversea has announced Silver Galapagos as the name for...
  • Last giant tortoise standing
    Farewell Lonesome George
    If you’ve ever cruised to the Galapagos, you’ve probably met the islands’ most famous resident—Lonesome George.Estimated to be more than 100 years old, Lonesome George was the last known member of his subspecies, the Pinta...
  • Gentle Giant of Galapagos
    Gentle Giants of Galápagos
    The giant tortoise, nibbling slowly on neon blades of grass in front of me,is hardly disrupted by my presence or the constant snap of my camera for that matter.Seems this 800-pound guy is used to being the star of the show. I mean who doesn&rsquo...
  • Sally Lightfoot Crab in the Galapagos
    Galapagos 2010 specials offered through Abercrombie & Kent
    Reported by J.S. Fletcher and Kathy M. NewbernIt’s October here in North Carolina, and the Northern Hemisphere is heading toward winter. In the Southern, spring is leading to summer. Although each season in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands...
  • Kicker Rock in Galapagos is a remnant of an old volcano near San Cristobal Island.
    Galapagos, it really will change your life
    Sometimes it’s difficult to leave the Valley of the Sun to travel to unfamiliar places. The unusual cacti and the sunsets that look like the sky is on fire can take your breath away. The urge to stop your car and stare at a family of coyotes...
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