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  • Jimmys senior pic
    When autistic children become adults
    When a couple learns they have a baby on the way, they start to plan his life without even realizing it. They wonder, will he be a doctor or lawyer when he grows up. Or, they think, maybe he’ll be a novelist, a painter, or a great musician....
  • Transitions for tweens
    Transitions for tweens
    Transitions for tweensIt’s a delicate matter for tweens to transition from one grade to another, whether it is from 7th to 8th or 9th grade or from one division of an activity to a higher one. In some cases, it involves a move to another...
  • interviews
    Job tips for new college grads
    Earlier in the week I wrote about how the kids graduating from the local Philly colleges or those coming home after college are going to be out looking for jobs. Many of them seem unprepared for the job hunt and what they need to do to market...
  • graduations
    Graduations are soon approaching.
    In the months of May and June, many will be traveling to graduations. Graduations are very important milestones. So, many come to watch.People travel from a far to get to graduations. They come to show support and to be apart of an once in a life...
  • College Blogging
    Blog for a cause presents...Using blogs to connect with college searches
    Social media. Blogging. Facebook. Twitter…College? Students have been using these functions for a few years now. Why not expand it to college searching, and airing out your thoughts and dreams?Back in 1999, 2000, and even 2001, one wouldn...
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