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  • FCC Logo
    Debunking GOP Scare Tactics on the FCC Reclassification of Broadband Internet
    In a landmark announcement, the FCC announced this morning that the Internet would be reclassified under Title II, and moving forward it will be regulated as a public utility. The announcement was delivered via a five page document publicly...
  • 'Sweeping November midterm wins have done little to alter that dynamic'
    'Sweeping November midterm wins have done little to alter that dynamic'
    You have every right to be frustrated. It is rare for the Washington Post to bury a headline in the copy, but that is the case with Sean Sullivan’s story this morning. Republicans have the ball and they are running the wrong way. In fact,...
  • Welcome back Donald Trump
    Good news for Hillary: Trump wants to run
    Why is it good news for Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump wants to run for president again? Here are some reasons:With Trump as the GOP candidate, they can’t complain about Hillary’s age.With Trump as the GOP candidate, the GOP will...
  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker is smart enough to dodge the liberal media and become President
    Scott Walker, the sometimes outspoken and sometimes mum conservative governor of Wisconsin, is proving to have the common sense to be the Republican’s best bet in 2016 for a presidential run. First and foremost, unlike most other Republicans...
  • Rand Paul for president
    How to lose the Presidency
    If you want lose the presidency in the USA, all that you must do is to align with a minority group that is offensive to most everyone else.Say that you are a libertarian -- that will land you 11% of the voters.
  • Former President Dick Cheney, (R),  who served under President George W. Bush
    RNC throws online sale: Dick Cheney's cowboy hat for $72
    Almost as a testimony to how hard it is these days to raise money for political parties, the Republican National Committee, (RNC), now is preparing to sell replicas of Former Vice-President Dick Cheney's cowboy hat for $72 apiece, according to...
  • Obama going it alone as lame duck
    Obama going it alone as lame duck
    Where is the president these days? He rarely calls and seldom mentions Congress. So where are the political allies he claims are on Capitol Hill? There seems to be less chemistry with his own party than that with the RepublicansThe GOP, coming off...
  • Mike Huckabee Homosexuality
    Mike Huckabee: Homosexuality like 'choosing' to drink or swear, says ex-governor
    Mike Huckabee’s recent comments on homosexuality have stirred some controversy. The 59-year-old Republican, a 2008 candidate in the Republican presidential primaries, said that the lifestyle “choice” of being a homosexual is akin...
  • Peter King Running President
    Peter King running: President or bust, King running to block other GOP nominees
    Peter King has a vision for the office of president. The Republican Party congressman representing parts of Long Island said all the right things when announcing his potential candidacy – then immediately pointed out his second, and...
  • Critics warn Mitt Romney: Run and you'll be humiliated
    Critics warn Mitt Romney: Run and you'll be humiliated
    C'mon Mitt, you're dreaming. Wake up. You can't win. Have you forgotten 2012? No way, you're gonna do this to us again — this is reality talkin' to ya.You would think somebody in his own family, on his advisory team or in...
  • Better Angels
    Strive To Be Better Angels
    Too much is made, on a daily basis, about the divisions that are prevalent in the country and the world, but there does not seem to be a resolution offered to remedy the situation. Watching the news leaves you with a feeling of hopelessness rather...
  • GOP Abortion Women
    GOP women: Abortion moderates revolt over rape clause, GOP pulls abortion bill
    The GOP has yanked an abortion bill after several women and moderates bucked at language in the House Republican's anti-abortion proposal. The controversial bill was removed from floor consideration late Wednesday night – a move that...
  • Republican-led House votes to cancel Obama's immigration executive action
    Republican-led House votes to cancel Obama's immigration executive action
    House Republicans voted Wednesday to repeal Obama’s executive action granting deportation pardons and other immigration benefits for millions of undocumented aliens living in the U.S.The GOP plan passed in a final 236-191 vote, a symbolic...
  • Jeb Bush
    Jeb Bush sensibility
    Je suis Charley. By a simple review of Jeb Bush’s resume, one can see that he hasn’t racked up academic achievement. He is a successful professional politician whose success has been a product of leveraging that of his family. He...
  • Mitch McConnell is on point
    The American brand: McConnell and Cruz
    Let’s talk about the new American brand of political leadership, beginning in the Senate. American’s just produced a Senate who is led by one of the least liked Senators in America. Mitch McConnell won handily in Kentucky over his...