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  • Outdoor lenses designed to help see the fineprint in the sun
    Outdoor lenses designed to help see the fineprint in the sun
    Bifocal non-prescription sports lenses? Yes. has come up with a line of goggles, or wraparound glasses, suitable for bicycling, motorcycling and other mobile outdoor actvities. The bottom of the lenses include a magnifier. The...
  • Z3 GPS Heads Up Display Goggles
    Tech Review: Z3 GPS Heads Up Display Goggles (Photos)
    Get ready to feel like a fighter pilot the next time you fly down a ski slope! The Z3 Recon Live GPS, HUD (Heads Up Display) goggles by Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments will give you that Top Gun feeling during your next extreme sports adventure...
  • Prioritizing your gear
    How to rank the importance of snowboarding gear
    Winter sports need a certain amount of specialized gear often making these activities expensive. Considering that you are physically connecting your body to it and traveling at high speeds in an exposed environment the price tag seems justified....
  • VonZipper Beefy goggle
    VonZipper snow goggles raise money for breast cancer
    VonZipperhas teamed up withBoarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC), a non-profit, youth-focused education, awareness, and fundraising foundation. Their mission is to increase awareness about breast cancer, the importance of early detection and the value...
  • Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Swimmers
    Gift ideas for swimmers
    Christmas shopping for the multisport athlete(s) in the family is actually pretty easy unless they're sponsored, in that case maybe they should be hooking you up?! If they're not sponsored then you have lots of options and many of the...
  • Cold weather warm fishing tactics
    Cold weather warm fishing tactics
    You can not go fishing and not have to deal with the elements, it is a fact of life. Right now the fact of life about fishing is, 'Baby it is cold outside.' Suiting up to keep warm can definitely make your fishing trip much more enjoyable...
  • Paintball
    Beginner paintballers don't necessarily need a lot of new gear
    It wasn’t John’s idea that the guys meet during the weekend to play some paintball, but there he was pulling into the long unused parking lot of the old market building. As he stepped out of his car, John could see the empty vehicles...
  • Three Stooges
    Brits outlaw swimming goggles at school
    In what sounds more like the plot to a Three Stooges short than reality, an English city has banned swimming goggles at schools due to"fears" a pair could "snap" back too hard on a child's face, thus causing injuring...
  • Liquid Image's Wide Angle Scuba Series HD Video Camera Mask is displayed during a press event at the Venetian for the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show January 4, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada
    Liquid Image announces new sports masks at CES
    Liquid Image Masks, the company who created the Model 320 Scuba Series HD, displayed a newer version of the built-in camera scuba mask at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Model 318 Scuba Series HD has a 12MP camera sensor with a 74...
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