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  • Newly installed COCORAHS rain gauge in north Naples, FL
    One north Naples COCORAHS rain gauge finally gets relocated
    No thanks to a home owners association (HOA) that didn’t seem to like rain gauges (especially when one is left in a driveway), and the same HOA and its property management company that weren’t willing to help me locate the gauge in a...
  • Light
    Daily thought: WHM-The science of being true, being ones authentic self
    In honor of Women’s History Month, we turn our attention to what Lissa Rankin calls, “the inner pilot light.”The video embedded within this article is less than 19 minutes long, please view the video titled: The Shocking Truth...
  • Knitting gauge
    How to gauge your work
    Too often when you start a new knitting project the bells go off in your head. You know you should but, you throw caution to the wind once again when it comes to swatching. Most knitting patterns remind you, instructors always suggest it and your...
  • Gauge on Valve Stem
    How to check your Tire pressure
    Recently I've seen many people coming into the shop where I work with little air in their tires. Not uncommon to see during the winter months in Baltimore, when tires loose pressure due to the cold weather. Tires typically will loose 1psi for...
  • Gauge yarn store front
    Gauge Destash Sale this Sunday
    For about a month, Jane King has been gathering donations for the Gauge Destash Sale to benefit the Friends of Colombian Orphans. Now we're just a few short days away from the event itself.On Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5, the front patio of...
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