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  • Llama and its mama cause drama
    Llama and its mama cause drama
    One of the signs of the alpacalypse showed up yesterday in the Arizona retirement community of Sun City. Two llamas, armed with nothing but ‘shear’ determination, fled from a visit to an assisted living home on Thursday. The two then...
  • Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Rug
    Fla Sheriff's office lobby rug typo: 'In Dog We Trust'
    Upate:The sheriff's office says the rugs will be auctioned off online as soon as the corrected rugs arrive, with the proceeds benefiting a local animal rescue group.The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that a lobby rug installed a few weeks ago in...
  • handcuffs
    Nine-year-old detained in Post Falls, Idaho after failing to appear in court
    In the midst of what seems like a tidal wave of reports accusing police from coast to coast of abusing their power, using excessive force, overzealousness, racial profiling and taking the majority of the office donuts (Those were for everyone,...
  • Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield dinner photobomb: It seems like actors get a good laugh
    Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield dinner photobomb: Funny photo yields a night of fun
    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a dinner photobomb at a New York restaurant this week that is taking the online world by storm. Fans everywhere are getting a good laugh out of the funny photo that features the “Amazing Spiderman”...
  • "Galavant" a success
    Premiere of 'Galavant' is funny success
    Lat night's premier of "Galavant" is like watching "The Pincess Bride's" evil twin. In the beginning, Sir Galavant falls in love with a peasant woman, and they make happy love with one another sometimes "thrice a...
  • Junior the French bulldog
    Frozen's 'Let it Go' sung by French bulldog: viral video
    Junior is probably the most famous French bulldog on the Internet. If you haven't heard of him yet, would like to introduce you to him. We're sure you'll enjoy his tale.Junior lives in Cologne, Germany with his two pet...
  • Horrible Bosses 2
    Yes, Bosses are still Horrible!
    Horrible Bosses 2: Rated “R” (1 hour, 48 minutes)Starring: Jason Bateman,Jason Sudeikis,Charlie Day, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer AnistonDirected by: Sean AndersFor those of you who feel that sequels can never live up to the original, man do...
  • Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels posing together
    'Dumb and Dumber To': Different but still good
    “Dumb and Dumber” hit theaters in 1994. It is a hilarious movie that deserved a sequel, and audiences have finally gotten one—20 years later. And while this new movie, "Dumb and Dumber To," is different in style from...
  • Bill Clinton photobomb: U.S. President gets in unexpected picture, outshines girl
    Bill Clinton photobomb: Former president outshines pouting child in funny image
    A Bill Clinton photobomb is once again putting the former U.S. President into the pop culture spotlight this week. The esteemed political figure outshone a pouting child in an unexpected appearance that one observer managed to capture on camera...
  • Funny Flight Attendants make my day
    Funny Flight Attendants make my day
    Have you ever been on an airplane and wished you could've recorded your light attendant's funny rant? Well, someone did! And here's a list of the top 3 funniest flight attendant videos:
  • ‘Way Out West’ takes ‘The Payette Plunge’ on Tru-TV
    ‘Way Out West’ takes ‘The Payette Plunge’ on Tru-TV
    On Monday night’s episode of “Way Out West,” fans are familiar with the personalities of the three families from Idaho who run rival outfitting businesses; the Youren, Bullock and Korell families. They are sure to give you a few...
  • Tips on how to survive a classic horror movie: 'Dracula'
    Tips on how to survive a classic horror movie: 'Dracula'
    There are many Dracula movies out there so this article pertains to any film that is about the count himself. If you like horror flicks and like some survival tips (just in case the same problem arises for you or somehow you get trapped in your TV...
  • Jerome
    This week in stupid, as narrated by cats on Instagram
    It's a sad fact of life that the world is filled with people who are less than bright. Not you or I, of course, fair reader, but those others? They're flat out dumb. Stupidity is everywhere, folks, from everyday people to the highest...
  • Comedian Carrie Gravenson at Carolines
    Carrie Gravenson: New York comedian with a fresh routine
    New York ( – Comedian Carrie Gravenson was a sensation on her first Broadway debut, Tuesday night at the comedy club Carolines. This little unknown drew-in an elbow rib poking packed room. When she jumped-up-on stage, her...
  • For the superstitious, 13 ways to protect yourself on Friday the 13th
    For the superstitious, 13 ways to protect yourself on Friday the 13th
    Not only is it Friday the 13th, but tonight there is also suppose to be a full moon. Now if you're the superstitious type or just like a good laugh, then read my own ten tips on protecting yourself.Don't break any mirrors, or really don&...