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  • ISIS versus Pope
    Pope Francis under ISIS threat
    In an annual greeting to his public security team, Pope Francis warned that there are “shadows and dangers” hovering over mankind, as the Vatican faces new threats from Islamic State (IS) militants.The Pope lauded his the safety...
  • Pope Francis says there are moral limits to free speech.
    Pope Francis says Charlie Hebdo had a punch awaiting them
    As Pope Francis flew from Sri Lanka to the Philippines on his Asian tour, he spoke to reporters about the Charlie Hebdo terror attack, and the limits to freedom of expression.When asked by reporters about freedom of expression about satirical...
  • Bishop of Bling
    Pope encourages simple lifestyle: how many clergy will follow example?
    With the recent newsthat a Catholic bishop in Germany and the archbishop of Atlanta have had their taste for the finer things derailed by the Vatican, faithful of all denominations are watching to see what happens.Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van...
  • Ward Weaver Jr., Ward Weaver III. and Francis Weaver
    Ward Weaver III-Francis Weaver: Killers in the family timeline
    KTU News is reporting today that the grandson and son of convicted killers Ward Weaver Jr. and Ward Weaver III has been arrested and charged with murdering a Grants Pass man during a botched drug deal. Francis Weaver, 31, is currently being held...
  • Pope to Philly
    Pope to visit Philadelphia?
    Vatican sources say the pope intends to visit Philadelphia, September 2015 during the Catholic church's World Meeting of Families, an international gathering that takes place every three years.When Philadelphia was first announced as the site,...
  • Adam Orth Twitter
    Microsoft's Adam Orth causes XBox user to take an axe to his console
    So, there had been rumors circulating around the internet that Microsoft's next gen XBox console, alternatively referred to as XBox 720 or Durango, was going to have a requirement to always be connected to the internet in order to use it. Just...
  • Pope Francis
    Pope Francis explains why he chose the name 'Francis'
    As soon as the new pope was elected, he took on a different name. He chose to be called Pope Francis. According to a news source, he had his first audience with journalists and media on March 16, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican.Pope Francis offered...
  • Pope Benedict XVI and Twitter
    Pope Benedict XVI's Twitter account put on hold for Pope Francis
    As Pope Benedict XVI stepped down from his papal position, his Twitter account was put on hold. Yes, the Pope has a Twitter account.Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope to hold a Twitter account. Once he resigned and in the time it took to choose...
  • Pope Francis I
    Pope Francis I - a scientist pontiff for the first time
    The world is aware of the many firsts the new Catholic Leader, Pope Francis I, has already achieved. Among them is the simple fact that the new Pope is in fact a scientist. The Jesuit Order of Catholicism is best known for operating schools and...
  • Gas Pump IMage
    Spokane gas prices finally falling as summer gets started
    Spokane gas prices are starting to fall, marking some good news for local residents this summer. In some areas, the Spokane gas prices had been north of $4.00 per gallon in late spring, but now some of the local stations have started dropping...
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