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  • Fashion plays a part at SFIFF
    GLBT Voices Heard at SF International Film Festival
    The San Francisco International Film Festival starts this week and there really is something for everyone.The festival, which runs from April 23-May 7, has tributes to big Hollywood stars like Richard Gere to great talents behind the screen such...
  • Jean-Pierre Darroussin stars in the comedy "Get Well Soon" at ColCoa
    Coffee, croissants and free French films in April
    Love French film? 40-Love (Terre Battue), Blind Date (Un Peu, Beaucoup, Aveuglement), and Love at First Fight (Les Combattants) are some of the films that may be free Morning Reruns during a week of French film premieres at ColCoa. Every weekday...
  • Chicago becomes a fashion haven this spring
    Chicago becomes a fashion haven this spring
    This Friday, April 24, Music Box Theatre will become a House of Dior when Frédéric Tcheng’s documentary Dior and I opens. In celebration of the film, Blake Chicago (which carries Dior) will donate a raffle gift card of $500. Everyone who...
  • Bass Clef Bliss film
    BASS CLEF BLISS a touching Autism documentary opens Friday
    In Bass Clef Bliss (, the powerful new feature documentary, we see Therese come to terms with this heartwrenching diagnosis - like so many other parents today -- and then find the courage to persevere, to find a way to...
  • Films starring Fanny Ardant and Catherine Deneuve  will be screened at Col Coa
    Free screening of new French film
    Adventurous Francophile? Adults are invited to a free "blind date" with an exclusive new French film at the ColCoa French Film Festival on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 
6 p.m. in the Renoir Theatre at the Directors Guild, located at 7920...
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
    Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
    I will cheerfully admit that I approached this movie with low expectations. I knew with certainty that what I was about to see was absolutely not any Gone With the Wind, or The Godfather or Imitation Game. And to make matters worse it was a sequel...
  • Documentary shows how Batman encourages, inspires people to do good and overcome
    Documentary shows how Batman encourages, inspires people to do good and overcome
    Kendarius Dupree, 12, of Jackson, wore a black T-shirt with a large Batman symbol on the front and was very excited to see “Legends of the Knight” Thursday night at Union University. The documentary, which featured true stories of how...
  • Movie Review: 'Unfriended'
    Movie Review: 'Unfriended'
    By Kyle Osborne"It looks really bad." That is the spontaneous and universal response I've received from every person to whom I've mentioned the new movie, "Unfriended." And that would include my twenty year-old daughter...
  • Jean Genet
    Revisited queer cinema: Un Chant D'amour or A Song of Love by Jean Genet (1950)
    Jean Genet, the French writer, poet, essayist and filmmaker, remained active well into the eighties, both politically and prolifically writing before dying in 1986, at the age of seventy-five. This April 15th is twenty-nine years since his death...
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
    'Paul Blart Mall Cop 2' takes New York by storm
    OnApril 13, 2015, The Moms hosted a special screening of "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2," at AMC Lincoln Square.Kevin James, Ryan Sanders of the National Fatherhood Initiative and director Andy Fickman were in attendance.Media personalities...
  • A Mighty Nice Man makes Tribeca memories
    A Mighty Nice Man makes Tribeca memories
    The power of film has no boundaries and no limits. Raw emotion coupled with the ability to identify with the touching storyline make for an outstanding result.When Tribeca Film Festival kicks off at Spring Studios in New York City on Wednesday,...
  • 'Broken Horses' is a bad Bollywood take on Western
    'Broken Horses' is a bad Bollywood take on Western
    Fans of Law & Order: Criminal Intent might want to see Vincent D'Onofrio sink his teeth into a juicy part, but this story, "Broken Horses," is overdone and drier than a desert riverbed on a hot July day.Directed and co-written ...
  • Nashville Film Festival Starts April 16, 2015
    Nashville Film Festival Starts April 16, 2015
    Major films have become redundant recently with remakes and sequels, but to see some of the best independent films one needs to head over to the Nashville Film Festival which will begin on April 16, 2015. The Nashville Film Festival is one of the...
  • UM Free Speech
    University of Michigan backtracks on movie ban
    It used to be that our colleges and universities were places of learning; today these schools are bastions of left-wing political indoctrination. Just one day after announcing that it would not allow the showing of the hit movie “American...
  • White God
    Movie Review: 'White God'
    By Kyle OsborneUnlike its horribly generic title, 'White God' takes our expectations of a story about a girl and her dog, and throws them into the Danube River. There's a reason why this Hungarian film (which was a prize winner at...
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