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  • Moon
    Alternative names and meanings for the February full moon: Part 2
    People from a variety of cultures have assigned unique titles to the February full moon. The names vary depending upon the culture from where the moon names originate. For example, the Native Americans chose names for the February moon based on...
  • Full Moon
    Alternative names and meanings for the February full moon: Part 1
    A common name for the full moon in February is “The Ice Moon.” The meaning behind the name is obvious given the fact that February occurs during the cold season. Native Americans often gave the moon a name based on what they saw, felt...
  • February 2015
    February 2015: Holidays, observances and free printable February calendar
    February is the month notorious for celebrations of love, Mardi Gras beads and checking the groundhog’s shadow. While that sounds very odd listed all together, all three activities hold a dear place in the hearts of our fellow Americans...
  • Toy Story Mania
    A Guide to Disney World in February
    February is a popular time of year when vacationers make their way to the Sunshine State in an attempt to escape the freezing temperatures of their hometown. During this time of year, temperatures are generally in the low 70’s, but has been...
  • February can be the snowiest month of all!
    Facts about February
    February is the second month of the year. It has 28 days (29 on “leap years”) and its birthstone is the purple amethyst. People who are both between February 1st and 19th are considered to fall under the zodiac sign of Aquarius (the...
  • 100 Years of Classic Movie Stars
    100 Years of Classic Movie Stars
    Many classic movie stars celebrate their centennials this year. Here are the stars who were born from January to March 1914.
  • BLS Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary
    February's Labor Department Employment and Unemployment Report
    Today the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary on national data collected during February 2014. Each month this government agency reports on each state's...
  • Magic give Sixers one last February loss
    Magic rally to clinch winless February for 76ers
    The Philadelphia 76ers had one last chance on Feb. 26 to avoid an infamous mark. Of course, the Sixers have assured themselves of infamy all season with all their embarrassing losses. While the Sixers weren't embarrassed in a 101-90 loss to...
  • Let's look at Canadian stuff from the 26th of February
    Let's look at Canadian stuff from the 26th of February
    As you know by now, because of one of the many smart electronic devices in your possession, that this is the 26th day of February. Who needs a calendar when we have a hand-help computer?This was the day award winning Canadian musician and composer...
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra brought to compelling life Bernstein's 'West Side Story'
    Boston Symphony Orchestra breathes compelling life into 'West Side Story' film
    It is an arduous task to attempt to breathe new life into a film classic, but that is just what the Boston Symphony Orchestra accomplished with Leonard Bernstein’s 1961 romantic musical tale based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo...
  • Syracuse survives again
    Syracuse ends roller coaster month with roller coaster win in Maryland
    The Syracuse Orange finally found some relief on Feb. 24, but not by much. After the Orange officially lost the No. 1 spot in the polls, their greater concern was ending a two-game losing streak against the Maryland Terrapins. Even that was nearly...
  • Celebrity Series of Boston presents 'Compagnie Kafig'
    Thrilling stunts, passionate dance, and mesmerizing beats drive Compagnie Kafig
    Portraits seem to be what director, creator, and choreographer Mourad Merzouki does best as Celebrity Series of Boston, as part of their 75th season, presented ‘Compagnie Kafig’ for a Sunday matinee on February 9 at the Shubert Theatre...
  • Reusable Snack Bags
    Celebrate National Snack Month with reusable snack bags
    February is National Snack Month. Celebrate the occasion and help to preserve the environment with reusable snack bags introduced by BooginHead. Next time you’re ready to pack your kids’ lunch or snack, look to Pack’Ems and send...
  • Seal of the US President
    Presidents’ Day is a day to honor all of America’s Chief Executives
    Viewed today as a time of patriotic celebration and remembrance, “Presidents’ Day” began in 1800. Following the death of George Washington on December 14, 1799, his birthday was set aside as a perennial day of rememberance....
  • Harlem Park to Park - 5th Restaurant and Retail Week
    Harlem Park to Park Presents Harlem Restaurant and Retail Week
    This month, Harlem Park to Park kicked off its 5th annual Harlem Restaurant and Retail Week Spring promotion. Starting February 15th, restaurant and retail locations will offer specials running until February 28. The week offers a balance of...