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  • VictorEMarsdenZion
    Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
    On 26 August 1903 the St. Petersburg newspaperZnamyadebuts a series of articles devoted to the twin menaces of Freemasonry and international Jewry. It is the first appearance of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: the most infamous book...
  • Did the Freemasons crack Hoover Dam?
    YouTuber claims Freemasons made a crack in the Hoover Dam (Video)
    The poor Freemasons. They get blamed for everything. Now, it's for a crack in Hoover Dam that seems to appear on Google Earth. Why would they do such a thing?Using circular, insensible logic, YouTuberEnterthe5t4rz posted a video to his channel...
  • Baphomet5
    Enemies of Freemasonry
    Today, Freemasons pass unnoticed by the general public. But this wasn't always so. In 1827, the USA witnessed the birth of a third political party. This had never happened before. The new party offered America its first alternative to the two...
  • AleisterCrowley7
    Aleister Crowley: Patriot
    Aleister Crowley was a British occultist, writer and an influential member in several occult organizations, including the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Silver Star and Ordo Templi Orientis. He is best known today for his occult writings,...
  • Stenographer started shouting during debt limit vote, 'compelled by holy spirit'
    Stenographer started shouting during debt limit vote, 'compelled by holy spirit'
    The House stenographer that took over a microphone and began shouting in the House chamber Wednesday night told a Fox News reporter that the Holy Spirit compelled her to do it, according to Politico on Thursday.The well-known employee calmly took...
  • Illuminati
    The Illuminati and May Day
    The intermingling of symbols and reasons for existence among secret societies is manifold. Adam Weishaupt, a German philosopher who became a Freemason in 1774, was cognizant of these. And he thought he had an even bigger and better idea. Sure he...
  • The Jefferson Memorial
    America's founders were Christians, not secular, Deist or Illuminati, part two
    While we were milling around prior to the Richard Dawkins speech I wrote about in part one, I spotted Mitch Kahle, probably Oahu's most publicity-seeking atheist (seen here being marched/dragged out of the Hawaii State Capital after...
  • all seeing eye
    Illuminati: Truth or Fiction?
    A lot has been written lately of unexplained and possibly unproveable phenomenon in light of the Mayan 2012 Prophecy looming. It seems there are always people willing to join any conspiracy bandwagon or other - whether out of genuine belief or a...
  • Rodney Paulsen
    BloodCenter, Masons host drive to honor community leader
    A blood drive was held Saturday, August 6 at the Elkhorn Middle School to honor Rodney Paulsen, a former advisor in the Elkhorn School District. Paulsen recently received blood transfusions during surgery related to an illness he's currently...
  • Masonic gathering or what to eat to rule the world
    Masonic gathering in Baltimore area or what to eat to rule the world
    Ancient Free and Accepted Masons are the oldest, most prestigious fraternity in the world. George Washington and Ben Franklin were Masons, as were many other of society's bold faced names. Some folks even say -- check out Google -- that Masons...
  • A Photo of Michael Brea and His Mother Yannick Brea
    Michael Brea, ‘Ugly Betty’ actor, says his slain mom had 'voice of a demon'
    Michael Brea, ‘Ugly Betty’ actor, says his slain mom had 'voice of a demon'Actor Michael Brea, who once appeared in ABC’s ‘Ugly Betty,’ was arrested and charged with killing his mother earlier this week. He is...
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