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  • PA laws require residents to obtain a display permit from their municipality to buy and use certain fireworks
    Firework-related injuries persist despite PA state laws requiring permits
    As it was reported July 4 in PennLive, Central Pennsylvanians have the option of selecting any number of fun activities across the region over the holiday weekend ranging from local fairs to a Civil War battle reenactment in Gettysburg and...
  • Jackson
    Jackson continues to rail against 'false religion'
    The Richmond Times-Dispatch bowed to the powers that be on Tuesday, givingE.W. Jackson, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, major coverage of nothing more than another Sunday sermon.Jackson has opted to put politics on the back pew and...
  • charter‑of‑rights‑and‑freedoms‑
    The Christian Charter Of Human Rights
    In 2000 the European Convention on Human Rights was ratified into the state legislature in the UK. Since then, there have been countless tragic-comic mishaps to British justice making it quite difficult for the British government to deal squarely...
  • The CFL bulbs and my complaints
    The curlicues are coming, and my complaints
    The curlicues are coming! The curlicues are coming!! The end of consumer choice is near!!! 2012 is the year of the great Congressional ban on incandescent light bulbs. If nothing is done between now and then, your choice as a consumer is going to...
  • Dean Tollefson
    Dean Tollefson's presentation on freedom spurs deep thought
    Wednesday night at Dean Tollefson’s presentation to the Freethinkers of Colorado Springs at the Gill Foundation, a lesson in the foundations of our constitutional rights spurred deep intellectual questions and entertained with hilarious...
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