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  • Gift card promotion scam
    FBI says gift card scams are growing online and offers tips for prevention
    The FBI released a warning on Thursday on the growing incidents of gift card fraud that consumers are experiencing across the country.Although the Secondary Gift Card Market has become popular for consumers to resell unwanted gift cards, &ldquo...
  • Beware of fraudulent health claims for 'curing' autism
    FDA: Don't be misled by false autism treatment "cures"
    Beware of false claims about treatments claiming to “cure” autism, warns the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a new statement.Although there are some behavioral therapies and medications to help treat autism, “there is no...
  • Kim Kardashian goes to court
    Kim Kardashian ensures identity theft thief pays for his crime against her
    Identity theft is one the common fraud schemes listed on the FBI's official website right now and Kim Kardashian knows all about it. But unlike other victims, she is seeing the 19-year-old who attempted to steal her identity (and who basically...
  • Friday's theft, fraud, and arrest report for Samdy Springs
    Friday's theft, fraud, and arrest report for Samdy Springs
    Each week, Lieutenant Steve Rose, Sandy Springs Public Information Officer, sends us these crime reports. He details, informs, and arms us with all this knowledge. And hopefully, something within this information somehow keeps us from harm...
  • Weekly fraud and arrest report from Sandy Springs
    Weekly fraud and arrest report from Sandy Springs
    Sent in by Lieutenant Steve Rose, Public Information Unit Fraud4000 block of Harris TrailThe complainant said that someone accessed her account information and rang up just under $200 on the account at a local QT Store.6800 block of Glenridge...
  • wonder twins
    Paranormal Psychic Powers Deactivate
    Do you or anybody you know honestly believe in all the different types of psychics out there? There are so many different names and branches that i will refer to all of themby using the word psychics. I, for one, am not a big psychic believerbut I...
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